Hola! I have a minor in Spanish, can you tell? I have had quite the productive day off. It’s amazing what you can get accomplished when you don’t have to do a 2 hour training ride/run!

I got up semi early but later than I normally do at 6:45am. I walked the Izzy monster and then did a quick 20 minute run per my training plan. I then proceeded to scrub the floors and vacuum the carpets. I worked on a few Zumba moves for my class tomorrow. Then my good friend Jess called all the way from Peru! It was almost lunch by this time but I still hadn’t showered, gross! By the time I got all cleaned up I was STRAVING! I really wanted to make these vegan black bean burgers I saw floating around on the blogs the last few days. They sounded super easy and I had all the ingredients.

Oats and pumpkin seeds all ready to be pulverized!




Black beans rinsed and drained.


I used the shredding attachment for my food processor and shredded them right into the mix. So easy! I love my food processor!


The key to these burgers are the spices. All those flavors mixed together taste AMAZING!

All ready to go in the oven.



I was SUPER hungry by this point so I made myself a salad with fresh lettuce from in-law’s garden! This lettuce is the most tender, wonderful lettuce you will ever taste. I can’t believe how excited I am about eating this this summer. Yes, those are bacon bits on my salad (don’t judge).


I scarffed down this salad while the burgers were baking AND whipped up some of my home made spaghetti sauce to use in a dish I’ll be making later this week.

I did not snap a photo after they came out of the oven, I was THAT hungry. These are so delicious and so easy to make. You really must try them!

Then I cleaned up the kitchen, paid the bills, AND started writing a paper for grad school. I then volunteered at the Salvation Army for about an hour and half. I got home awhile ago, played with the pup and finished up that paper. Whew! I like to make the most of my time! I still might work a little more on my Zumba set but then I plan on relaxing in front of the TV with The Bachelorette!

Hope your day was productive or relaxing respectively!

P.S. Only 5 days until the triathlon!!!!!!!!!


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