In one week…

I’ll be doing the triathlon! So excited! Brian and I headed out to lake Neshonoc so I could get in one open water swim with my wetsuit. I wanted to try wearing my tri-suit and my sports bra under it and to just see how it felt to swim with a wetsuit on since I’ve never used a wetsuit before. I was wondering how much trouble it would be to get the suit off when it was wet.

Here’s me in my tri-suit before we left.

Tri suit

I got my tri-suit about 9 years ago when I was getting ready for my second triathlon. My dad bought it for me (thanks Dad!). I’ve used it ever since. It’s basically a one piece suit that you can swim, bike, and run in. It is made out of a nice light material that dries quickly. I actually bought a men’s because they zipped in the front and I could unzip part of the way to keep cool. I highly recommend wearing one, it makes transitions so much easier.

As we were driving towards the lake some storms started rolling in. We decided it wouldn’t be safe for me to swim so we stopped at our friends Jen and Chad’s house to wait it out. Finally the storms cleared and we headed to the lake.

All ready to go!

Open swim

Isn’t the lake pretty?! It was nice and calm after the storm. I wanted to hurry and get the swim over with in case the storms came back. I jumped in an just started swimming. I am very confident swimming in open water during a race but I’ll admit swimming in a lake by myself was a little scary.  I felt really good swimming with the wetsuit on. I didn’t have to work as hard to hold my body in the proper position. I could really focus on my arms and breathing. Brian got a few shots of me out in the water but I was pretty far away. I swan until my fingers touched the sand which was pretty much right to the boat landing. I stood up and unzipped the wetsuit and pulled the top part down (I read about this technique in a book). When I got to the grass where the car was parked I took it the rest of the way off and it came off easy peasy! No trouble at all! I feel really comfortable with wearing the wetsuit now. Plus it was a fun adventure!

I forgot to mention that last night we went to a birthday party for one of my friends from high school. Here’s a picture of all us girls together again!


Marianne, Me, Becky, Amy (the birthday girl), and Aleecia with her adorable daughter Caroline. It was so fun to see everyone together again. It’s rare that we all get together at the same time. I call these gals my high school friends even though I didn’t go to high school with them. They went to the public school and I went to the Catholic school but we were friends through Girl Scouting. The most entertaining part of the evening were Aleecia’s kids. She has two little boys besides Caroline.

100_0076 Trevor and Luke with the birthday girl.

100_0084  100_0081

100_0085  100_0086

Such a fun night!

That’s all I have for now. This week is the REAL taper week. I only have one run planned, I’m teaching one cycling class, and one Zumba class. I also have one little brick workout right before the tri just to take sure everything is good to go and my legs are loosened up. That means I have 2 whole rest days! I don’t know what I’ll do with myself…probably enjoy it!


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