Hey there! Happy Thursday! Actually for me it’s Friday as I’m off on Friday’s in the summer. Yay!

Last night was my first Wednesday night off since the end of March. It was amazing how much I did between coming home from work and going to bed.

First off, Brian met me on my way home from work with the doggie. He said he was going to start his running program as soon as we got home! I told him I’d run with him, I was so excited! We alternated running for 60 seconds and walking for 90 seconds. We were suppose to go for 20 minutes but we ended up going for 25 and covered 2 miles! I was so proud of him! Then I went on a 45 minute bike ride. I came home and dinner was already prepared (I know what a great husband I have!). After dinner I did the dishes and then decided I’d do a little experiment in the kitchen. Can you guess what I made?


Cashew butter! Now, I haven’t actually bought cashew butter but I heard you make it the same way you make almond butter.

After a minute of processing


A little longer




It actually whipped up a lot faster than the almond butter but I also had a lot less cashews. The end product was a little sticky but tastes really good. I didn’t add anything to it but next time I might add a little oil. I enjoyed some on a piece of whole wheat toast before my morning run today.


After my run….I got really sweaty. I only went 30 minutes and it wasn’t that hot out!


For breakfast I had Overnight Oat in a Jar. Pretty much the same thing as Oats in a Jar but cold. We had a very empty peanut butter jar just waiting to be used.


In the mix

  • 1/2 C Plain non-fat yogurt
  • 1/2 C Vanilla almond milk
  • 1/2 tsp ground flax
  • 1 TBSP agave

Overnight Oats are starting to grow on me. I find if I  add frozen fruit the night before that helps or in this case the peanut butter was fantastic. I topped this with a banana and some shredded coconut. Very good after a hot run!

For lunch I had my old favorite food topped with my new favorite food. A microwaved sweet potato topped with vegetarian baked beans!


With a side of kiwi of course. I am really loving baked beans these days, must be the summer weather! So quick and easy! A little bit of beans go a long way. This is only 1/4 of a cup!



I usually don’t eat the skins on my sweet potatoes if I microwave them but I do eat them when I bake them. I thought I’d try eating the skin today, it wasn’t that bad! Plus it made it more filling. I do eat the skin on my kiwi. I just give it a good rinse and a scrub, slice and eat. So much easier that trying to peel it or scoop the fruit out!

Tonight I’m going to a FREE Fix-A-Flat clinic offered by River Trail Cycles who are sponsoring the triathlon. I know for sure I’ve changed a flat on my “in town” bike (the one I ride to work and around town) but I’m not sure if I changed one on my road bike. I think it would be good to know how to do it and practice with some pros present.  Tomorrow my bike goes in for it’s pre-race tune up!

Catch ya later!


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