What’s next?

Hey peeps! It’s Wednesday already! See I told you the week would go fast!

Things around my part of the world are pretty quiet. Something totally unhealth related – I just started watching Glee. Can you believe I had never seen one episode until last night? Crazy I know! One of my students lent me the first season on DVD. Perfect for summer when a lot of shows take a break. It won’t take me long to get through it that’s for sure!

I mentioned yesterday that my Olympic Distance Triathlon is less than 2 weeks away. I’m pretty excited about it! But of course I’m always thinking about what my next goal will be. As I mentioned before I signed up for the Walt Disney World Half Marathon in January of 2011. That is a long way off! I would definitely keep my running up before I begin officially training for that half. So, I am hoping to do the Maple Leaf Half Marathon. I still need to sort a few things out with work and grad school before I officially register. I figure training for this race will keep my running up and give me a goal to work on before Disney. I’m a little worried about training for a half during Wisconsin’s cold winter which potentially could start in October! I plan on using a training plan from Marathon Training Academy. I’ve really enjoyed listening to their podcasts and their training plans have you running 3 days a week which I think will fit in well with the classes I teach at the Y  and the rest of my busy life! So that’s what I have planned for me! I wouldn’t actually start training for the half marathon in September until the 2nd week in July which would give me plenty of time to recover from my triathlon.

In other news my husband has expressed to me his desire to get in better shape and he thinks he might like to start running. I am really excited about this! I have never tried to push my healthy lifestyle on him. Of course he eats more veggies since he married me but other than that not much has changed. He loves to hunt and fish and he hopes that by improving his fitness he’ll feel more comfortable doing these things. I plan on giving him the Couch to 5K program. I think it is totally doable!

Well, I skipped a bike ride this morning because the weather looked iffy. Now I’m hoping it holds off so I can get a nice 45 minute ride in after work! So far I’m really enjoying the taper week! Have a good one!


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