Thoughts on Tri-ing

Hi there! Happy Friday before Memorial Day weekend! Who else is excited about a 3 day weekend?! Actually I get a 4 day weekend! They are doing some serious renovations at the church I work at today they are taking the plastered ceiling out of the area outside my office. They told me I would not have access to my office. I could have moved back to the basement for one day but I didn’t see the point, I don’t really have a ton of work to do any way. So, I took the day off!

I’ve been busy cleaning the house (does anyone else do this before they leave town?). I usually tidy up a bit and make sure the dishes are done but I decided to do my “regular” cleaning today since we’ll be gone on Monday too (my normal cleaning day). Now when we return home it will feel like the cleaning fairy paid us a visit 🙂 !

I’ve also been busy packing and charging all our electronic devices. I feel like we are bringing an arsenal of electronics on this little road trip.


I’ve got the video camera (my nieces are so cute), my regular (nice) camera, GPS, Garmin, mini camera, and my Zune (MP3 player) with car adapter. Not to mention our cell phones and the laptop. I guess if someone robs our house we’ve got all the good stuff with us!

Triathlon Training Thoughts

As I am nearing the end of the Peak Phase in my triathlon training I’ve been thinking a lot about how well I’ve trained and how ready I feel for my triathlon in 2 weeks. I looked back on my training log and here is my analysis:

Swimming: completed 16/20 workouts. Not bad! Swimming is my strongest event and in the past I’ve slacked off in my training knowing I could do the shorter distance of the sprint triathlon. I really love swimming though so I tried to get those workouts in. A few of those were missed due to my arm injury.

Biking: I did 20/20 workouts. 11 of those 20 were on a spinning bike. I know for a fact that sometimes the training plan called for a 60 minute ride and I just did a 45 minute cycling class. This was mainly because I HAD to teach the class. A few times I went to cycling due to bad weather. BUT I also completed a 32 mile bike tour which was above and beyond my training. In the past biking has been my weakest event. After completing this training I feel stronger and more confident than ever on my bike. When the race is over I still want to continue on my outdoor rides

Running: 18/20 workouts. I actually have felt the weakest in my running this time around. Before I started training I was having what I would call “good runs” where I felt like I could go forever. I’m not sure if the biking caused my legs to be less fresh when I ran or what but I rarely had a “good run” while training. They were all pretty painful and I was glad when they were over. I am sure I will be fine on race day though.

Strength training: 14/20 workouts BUT I taught 3 Group Strength classes during this time. I really did not like the strength training workouts BUT I do think they were necessary. In the past I totally ditched strength training and only focused on the cardio events. I LOVE to strength train because I feel stronger and leaner over all but I have discovered I prefer the Group Strength Class method (lighter weights more reps to build endurance) rather than the program I was doing. But I wouldn’t have had time to fit in  the 60 minute  group strength classes with my training. Since the workouts were only about 20 minutes it worked out well.

Brick Workouts: 8/10 When training for past triathlons about a month before the event I would try and do at least one brick workout a week and would usually ride the entire distance and then run the entire distance. This training plan had me doing bricks right away but I never ran the full distance. Towards the end of my training I noticed my legs didn’t really feel like bricks after riding for 20 some miles, they actually felt really good and my running pace was pretty normal. I’m only concerned about not having enough endurance for the full 10K, but I will trust the training plan.

Over all I feel ready and excited! Will I be nervous in the days leading up to the tri? You bet! But I really am excited and I know baring an injury or illness I will be able to do this without a doubt!

I have one long run planned for tomorrow and then begins week 1 of a 2 week taper. Week 1 still has some pretty decent workouts just lesser time and no strength training sessions. Week 2 cuts back A LOT.

So what are my plans for after the triathlon? You’ll just have to wait and see!

Maybe I’ll see you later after our little road trip!


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