My Camera Comes to Lunch

Hello friends! Sorry I’ve been away from the blog for a few days. Just a couple of busy days at work. Not much new or exciting happened, I promise.

This week I got to move back into my office. Now isn’t this view a lot better than last week’s view?


Today I got to go to lunch with my good friend Carolyn. I believe I mentioned about a month ago another lunch outing we had at Grounded and I was lamenting the fact that my camera was on the fritz and I couldn’t take pictures of my unique dining experience. Today we (mostly me) decided to go to Hackberry’s Bistro This restaurant is located above the Co-Op where I buy all of my produce.


Sorry, not the best picture I know. At first I was a little hesitant to bring my camera along. I mean, it is kind of odd to take pictures of your food and I was pretty sure that Carolyn didn’t read food blogs. But I knew it would be a fun and unique dining experience so I explained to her what I was doing and she was cool with it and even helped me stage a few photos. I started with this lovely glass of fresh brewed ice tea with lemon and honey. Aren’t the polka-dots on the ceiling fun?!


Pretty flowers on our table.


I had the Mushroom and Gruyere Ciabatta with a side salad. From their menu:

Marinated sliced wild mushrooms and roasted red bell
pepper strips grilled to perfection, topped with Gruyère
and organic baby spinach, served on a ciabatta roll with
a side of Dijon mustard


It was so tasty! The Dijon mustard really complimented the mushrooms and peppers. Nice and light too! I only ate half because our server tempted us with dessert. Key Lime Pie and Carrot Cake were 2 for $5 (normally $8-$9) so we got one of each and split them!


In hindsight I should have taken the picture before we dismantled them! The cream cheese frosting on the carrot cake was fabulous. The  Key Lime pie was okay, not enough lime flavor for my taste. It was a very nice relaxing lunch.

After 4 days of usually hot weather we had a nice break and I woke up to a perfect running morning. I did 4.75 miles in about 45 minutes. I have one more strength training/swim workout and 1 long run before I start tapering for the triathlon. I will definitely need to cut back on the calorie intake as my calorie burn will be decreasing A LOT. More thoughts on my training to come as well as plans for my next event!

This weekend we are headed to my brother-in-law’s to hang with him, my sister-in-law and my nieces for the holiday weekend. I am super excited because my sister-in-law volunteer us to help at an aid station for a this half marathon! I’ve never volunteered at a running event and I can’t wait to cheer on the athletes! I’m even considering taking my laptop along just so I can blog about all the fun we’ll be having!

Hope you have a great holiday weekend!


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