One Hot Mess!

Hey friends! What’s new in your neighborhood today? So, two weeks ago it was so cold at night we had to turn the heat back on. It even snowed in some places in Wisconsin. Today it is so hot that at 6am it was already 75 degrees. The heat index is suppose to be 95-100!!! Crazy! I guess that’s Wisconsin living for you!

The wedding on Saturday was really unique! Brian’s cousin married a girl who is Polish and everyone kept saying that this was a Polish wedding. I wasn’t really sure what that meant until we sat down to eat. First of all we ate in shifts. When we did sit down we were treated to the BEST HOMEMADE wedding dinner I have ever experienced! There was homemade chicken noodle soup, Polish sausage and sauerkraut, Polish meatballs, chicken, ham, potatoes, dressing, and DESSERTS! It was amazing! It was all served family style. The minute a bowl was empty it was replaced with a full one. It was crazy. I didn’t take any photos of the meal. I  don’t think the older, Polish farmers sitting next to me would have understood why I was photographing my food for a blog! We only stayed for dinner since we had a two hour drive back AND the band was a Polish Polka band.

Yesterday we turned the air conditioning on and I got my weekly cleaning done. I knew I wanted to get an early jump on my Monday workout and might be less than motivated to clean after my last looooooong brick workout.

So, I got up with Brian at 6am and began fueling. I tried Over Night Oats again. I’m still not sold on them but they are an easy way to get a good filling breakfast in. I knew it would be a day to wear the sleeveless bike jersey. Here I am all ready to go!


I applied some heavy duty sunscreen! Like the Izzy butt in the picture?


My main concern with exercising in this heat was dehydration. I took extra measures to make sure I stayed well hydrated. I weighed myself before I left and would weight myself when I returned to make sure I didn’t loose to much water. I brought a water bottle with water and one with Gatorade on my bike and had another water bottle in a cooler in my car for before and after my run.

Honestly biking in the heat is not that bad. You have the wind to keep you cool. I had to keep reminding myself to drink water so I tried to do it had the top of every climb and when ever I turned on to a new road. I felt really strong and since the wind wasn’t as bad as it has been had a pretty good pace going. When I stopped at the half way point was when I noticed how sweaty I was. I was literally dripping! It was crazy! The rest of the bike went really well. I did this same route two weeks ago and was only able to do 21.5 miles in 1 hour and 32 minutes. Today I did almost 24 miles in 1 hour and 30 minutes. What a difference no wind makes! The run was where I really felt the hear but again it wasn’t that bad. I’m glad it was only a 15 minute run but my pace was pretty normal for me and my legs felt really strong even after biking for so long. The reality is it could very well be this hot the day of the triathlon and I was training during the same time of day I’ll be racing. I really hope it’s not this hot and humid though. when I was done I was one hot mess!


I refueled with my latest favorite recovery drink.


I’ve read that low-fat chocolate milk helps runners recover from their long runs. I made a smoothie using it after my long run on Saturday and felt GREAT! This tastes so good in smoothies! I made an icy chocolate, pineapple, pear, green smoothie and it really it the spot!


There are so many things I SHOULD do with the rest of my afternoon. Like, work on some homework for summer grad school classes or prep some new Zumba moves but I’m feeling a little sleepy, perhaps a quick power nap is needed!

Hope you’re staying cool on this Monday!


One response to “One Hot Mess!

  1. We are actually having a cold front and rain – we go from the 80’s to thunderstorms, the weather sure can’t make up it’s mind. Your smoothie sounds delicious!

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