First Summer Run

Hey friends! How’s your Saturday going? Mine has been swell so far and there’s more  fun to come!

After I got home from work last night I was still feeling pretty “blah!” I almost skipped my swim but thought perhaps it would make me feel better and do you know what? It did! I was still pretty tired so after the swim I just chilled on the couch watching some chick movies I had DVRed. Brian was off fishing with his cousin from out of town so I had the remote all to myself!

Today I got up and ran the 6 miles I was suppose to run yesterday. The summer weather is definitely here! It’s suppose to be in the 80’s today and 90 by tomorrow. But the most tell tale sign of summer is that the humidity is back. I could feel it as I walked Izzy for my warm up and thought today would be a good day to try out the water bottle holder I bought at the La Crosse Fitness Festival Expo. This tricked out “fanny pack” worked really well! It held a fairly good sized water bottle. Once I got the belt adjusted it stayed right where I wanted it, on my lower back, above my butt. The water bottle holder is lined so my water stayed cool and it has a nice draw string which kept the water bottle secure. There are pockets that you could potentially put keys, energy gels, and a cell phone. I’m not use to running with “stuff” so this was a good experiment. I had Brian take a picture of me when I got back, please excuse the sweat!


I was really glad I brought this along I was really hot! I ran a little over 6 miles and my pace was quite a bit slower due to the heat. I drank almost the whole water bottle!


I was clearly happy to be done with my run!

On another note, guess where I got this lovely organic spinach for my green smoothies?


My very own garden!


My father-in-law LOVES to garden and keeps a garden at our house. He asks us what we want to grow, plants it, and tends to it. All we have to do is pick it! I’m so excited to have healthy beautiful food growing in my back yard!

Well, I’m all prettied up and ready to go!


We’re headed to a wedding reception later today. Please note I’m still wearing my bathrobe because I don’t want to get any Izzy fur on my nice clothes! The husband has to get ready (it takes him like 5 minutes), we’ll grab some lunch and then we’ll be on our way! Hope you have a lovely day!

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One response to “First Summer Run

  1. You are so lucky to have a garden and someone to tend to it! I’m jealous for sure.

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