Less than a month!

Hi friends! How’s Tuesday treating you? Good I hope! We are doing renovations to the building I work in so I had to move my office down to the basement! Makes me appreciate my beautiful windows, especially on a nice sunny 75 degree day!

It’s hard to believe that my triathlon is less than a month away! Only two more weeks before I start tapering. In the past I haven’t really followed a training plan and just kind of cut back during the last week. It feels good to have a “plan” especially for someone like me with a type “A” personality.

I feel that training is going very well. Yesterday I got off to a late start because I slept in until 8am! Crazy! I never sleep that late. I knew I wanted to get my brick workout in right away since I had a few afternoon appointments. I decided not ride the triathlon route as I normally have been. After our trip to Goose Island I was remembering how much I liked riding my bike through the whole park. I grew up very close to Goose Island so when I was training for triathlons that was pretty much my training route. I took some back roads to a nice bike path and then only had to ride on the highway for a few miles before entering the park. It was a lot flatter ride than I’m use to but I figured it would be okay. It was such a perfect day out! The sun was shining but it wasn’t too hot and the wind was minimal. Since riding there and back didn’t take as long as I expected I finished my ride with a looooong uphill climb on Ebner Coulee Road. I transitioned and then set out for a 15 minute run. I am really surprised at how “easy” my brick workouts feel. I can remember in the past my legs feeling literally like bricks of the first 10 minutes of a run. Now I just get right into the groove and go. I am a little concerned because in the past I would do the full bike distance and then the full run distance back to back. This training plan has built up to the full bike distance but only has me running a maximum of 15 minutes. I’m going to try and not worry about it and trust the training plan. When all was said and done I worked out for approx. 1 hour and 45 minutes burning 1415 calories! Crazy! Today I lifted and swam laps and will be teaching Zumba tonight!

I haven’t lost any weight while training. I honestly haven’t been counting my calories very carefully. I have tried to eaten wholesome foods to fill my hunger. Even though the scale hasn’t changed (which isn’t really the goal here any way) I feel like my body looks different. I’m not sure what it is and I kind of wish I would have taken “before” pictures. All I know if I feel stronger than ever and even a little leaner!

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now! Hope your week is going well!’


2 responses to “Less than a month!

  1. way to go, Kristin! you are so inspiring! I’m sure you are so lean. I started working out again last october 5-6 days a week but nothing intense like you. No weight dropped! up the road I may think about some sort of fasting. I’m thinking that’ll bring back a more feminine shape vs. olympian! But oh, I must keep my butt! Just two weeks of less aggressive work outs and fasting. any suggestions?

    • Lisa,
      DO NOT FAST! I have never fasted (except once for religious purposes) and I do not believe in fasting. I believe in EATING! If you are active your need to consume enough calories to fuel your workouts as well as just your daily living. I suggest eating whole foods, meaning as little processed food as you can. Fruits, veggies, lean protein, low-fat dairy, and whole grains. Also, be proud of your “olympian” body! I am not “thin” by any means and love my muscles even if they aren’t super feminine. If you really must focus on calories in and out I suggest SparkPeople.com it’s free and will ensure that you are eating enough as well as the right amounts of fat, protein, and carbs. Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions!

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