Catching Up

Hey there! I bet you were wondering where I went! No where really, just really busy and I didn’t feel like I had much to write about. However, now that I think about it there is always something to write about! I didn’t have to spend any more late evenings at work but I have been very busy. I’ll try and catch you up on everything.


On Wednesday I taught a kick butt 6am cycling class a the YMCA. The past few days have been rainy and cold. I couldn’t imagine being too warm while working out because when I got to the Y I was FREEZING! Well, by the end of the class sweat was dripping off my face as well as the faces of the class participants. AWESOME!

Thursday I did day 2 of the Peak Phase Triathlon Training Strength program. I was still a little sore from my previous workout on Tuesday so I lowered my lower body weight and modified a few of the exercises still working the same muscle groups. It went much better than Tuesday’s workout. It felt hard and I worked up a good sweat. Then I hit the pool for a 30 minute swim. My arms felt a little like led at first but then I felt great and really rocked out the last 20 laps.

Today I did an AWESOME 60 minute run. Finally the rain has gone away. It was a little cold when I started, I was wearing pants, a short sleeve shirt under a long sleeve pull over, and mittens. By the time I was done I was down to the short sleeve shirt and pants (of course). My pace was a little slower than my last 60 minute run but I was cool with that.


As far as fun things I’ve cooked lately, I’ve got NADA! The last thing I really cooked was In a Jiffy Spelt Burgers I’ve been eating these all week for lunch. Since work has been keeping me busy the husband has done most of the cooking this week (he’s so wonderful!). Maybe tonight I’ll break out the camera because I’m making venison enchiladas!

New cool find!

So today at work I had to do some really boring office work so I thought I’d find some new podcasts to listen to. I discovered this great, relatively new podcast from  Marathon Training Academy. They give GREAT advice for those wanting to train for a marathon (no I’m not training for one… yet), they are easy to understand, short, to the point, and really entertaining. So check them out!

That’s all I’ve got for now! I’ll be back tomorrow! Hope you have a good weekend, looks like it’s going to be GORGEOUS!


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