Busy Bee!

Hey blog world! I sure hope you’re having a good Saturday! I have kept myself very busy! I got up really early to teach a Group Strength class at the Y. I had a 45 minute bike ride scheduled for today (per my tri training schedule). Considering the weather today is more winter like than spring like I opted for a 45 minute cycling class. I sweated like a beast! It’s fun to take a class taught by another instructor, I seem to work a little hard when I know I don’t have to talk or give instructions. I then took my sweaty self to the Co-Op to buy some fresh produce for mother’s day brunch. I got home and took a hot shower and then got to work on brunch. I am making two things in the crock-pot (2 separate crock pots) an egg bake and pancakes! This way I can turn them on, head to church and when I return they should be done (hopefully). I also made a salad. I had so much going on I needed the mixer AND the food processor!

100_0451 100_0452

Actually I used the food processor to make Angela’s Jiffy Veggie Spelt Burgers. I haven’t made these in awhile and was really craving them. So many pretty colors!


Aren’t food processors great?!


Well, that’s about all from me! I’ve got a little cleaning up to do around here. The “boys” are off hunting again. Look what Gardner brought me for putting up with him 3 weeks in a row.




If they’re up to it, we might go some where fun for dinner. We’ll see! Have a good day!

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