Today I feel like…

a total BAD ASS!


Why is that you ask? Because I ran for 45 minutes in the cold rain! And I LIKED it! I haven’t run for a week due to my foot injury . I actually haven’t had a good run in a long time. I always seem to be really sore from strength training or some other workout I did and running just seemed like a chore. I knew I wanted to run today. There’s some non blog related stuff going on in my life and I just knew a good run would help me sort through my thoughts. I considered running indoors on the treadmill but I just couldn’t bear the thought of it. Once I got out there and started running I felt good. The rain wasn’t too bad and I warmed up quickly so I just went for it! It was AWESOME!


As promised I have a product review for you. Please know that I am not getting paid to review this product and I just want to share with you other ways to be healthy besides food and activity. A while ago a woman I work with at the Y told me about Shaklee a company that sells, vitamins, cleaning products,  beauty products and more. One day I was cleaning my bathroom and some toilet bowl cleaner got on my shirt and totally ruined it! It kind of freaked me out that the products I use to clean my house have such strong, harsh chemicals in them. I asked my friend if she had any samples of the Shaklee products I could try out. She gave me this

100_0382 100_0384

This is their basic H2 multi purpose  and glass cleaner concentrate. That one little sample made TWO bottles FULL, one of multi purpose cleaner and one of glass cleaner.


I used the multi purpose cleaner to wipe down my kitchen counters, the fronts of my kitchen appliances, my bathroom sink, shower, AND toilet. I was very pleased with the results. Real Simple reviewed green cleaning products and said that Shaklee’s Basic H2 was the best valued green cleaner. I believe it! I couldn’t believe such a small amount would make so much and be so effective. I think I might have invest in this product.

One more fun picture to share. Look at the cute baby robins nesting outside our kitchen window! They are almost getting too big for the nest!


So cute! I just love watching them! My big plans for the weekend are hosting a mother’s day brunch for my mom and mother-in-law! Hope you have a great Friday!


One response to “Today I feel like…

  1. Congrats on the outdoor run! I just switched to all natural cleaning products due to a woman at work selling them, so far, so good. My parents have a bird nest in an arrangement on their front door, crazy where they set up shop…I’ll try to get some pictures of their nest too.

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