Let the weekend begin!

See I told you I’d be back! I left work early to buy a gift for my niece’s first and communion and to by some food for the salads I’m bringing to my mom’s birthday party tomorrow (more on that later). Then I met up with “the boys” at Buzzard Billy’s a La Crosse favorite!




They serve Cajun Creole food. We started out with some Buzzard Eggs.

100_0248  These are CRAZY! It’s chicken stuffed with a jalapeno, wrapped in bacon and deep fried. Definitely a indulgence to be enjoyed in moderation. Of course there was Blue Moon to be had!


I had crawfish etoufee for my entre (only able to finish about half).


After dinner I headed across the street to the fitness expo to pick up my packet for the bike tour.


You could feel the excitement as participants at all levels picked up their packets. I think it’s so great that this festival offers something for all levels of fitness.  There were lots of fun booths to check out and lots of freebies given away. Check out the swag I got from the race.


I love that the t-shirt specifies which event I’m participating in.

100_0279 I actually purchased the water bottle and the fanny pack. I don’t have a aluminum water bottle and this one was only $5! I thought the fanny pack would come in handy for longer runs (when I start training for my half marathon) since it holds a water bottle and it was only $2!

I came home and got my things ready for the bike tour.

Clothes: bike shorts, bike jersey, sports bra, and light socks (I might end up wearing a light jacket if it’s cool out).


Gear: helmet, gloves, sun glasses, shoes (I also added my Garmin to this pile).


Fuel: Gatorade, GU, and Luna Moons (like fruit snacks).


I think I’m all set! The weather isn’t suppose to be bad BUT it’s suppose to be VERY windy which could make things really challenging. It will definitely be an experience. I’m just glad to be part of such a great event taking place in my home town.

Tonight I also made 2 salads for my mom’s birthday dinner tomorrow. But I think I’ll save those for another post. I’ll be headed to bed soon to get enough rest for my long ride! See you after the tour!


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