Go the distance!

Hi there! Wow this day has just flown by! I wasn’t sure if I would get a chance to post. My job is so goofy. Sometimes I am just CRAZY BUSY and other times I am bored out of my mind. This is one of those CRAZY BUSY times!

So after I wrote about how good my eating was going I veered off course last night! We had a dinner here at church for out students (not cooked by me). It was a taco bar. I consciously passed on the taco meat. I just have a bad reaction to beef these days. I was quite happy to fill my flour taco shell with lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, sauce, and rice. It all tasted good but it was definitely NOT filling. I am use to whole wheat tortillas and rice plus there was no protein. I think that is why I felt it was necessary to eat a scotcharoo (rice krispie bar with chocolate on top) and then later some munchies at youth ministry. Oh well, I counted all my calories and moved on.

This morning I went on my longest run thus far in my triathlon training.



6.5 miles in 60 minutes! I’m not sure why it says my pace is 7:27, that is definitely not true! It was more like 9:16. I had my MP3 player this time. I’m pretty bored with my regular running playlists so I just hit shuffle all songs. I heard everything from John Denver to The Phantom of Opera. It was actually quite fun. I didn’t realize how much music I have on that little baby. About halfway through my run the song “Go the Distance” from Disney’s Hercules came on. I literally started tearing up listening to this and running. I thought about how far I’ve come as an athlete and how even when other aspects of live it crazy and stressful I have my training to turn to. I usually don’t get that emotional over things! It was all good! 

I also noticed some weird pains while running. My left glute or possibly my IT band was really sore and still is. I think this is from the step ups in my strength training. Also my calves and shins seem really tight, also possibly from strength training. Today during work my feet have really been hurting too. I’m hoping this means I’m still breaking in my shoes. I’ll have to pay close attention to these pains and hopefully they aren’t injuries.

So I leave you with my musical inspiration for the day. I want everyone who reads this to know you too can “Go the Distance!” whatever your goals/dreams are you can do it!


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