Signs of Spring

Hey there! It’s Wednesday….half way through the week right? I don’t know about you but work is kicking my butt this week. I’ll be happy for the weekend to get here!

Not too much new to report here. I’m on day four of sticking to my better eating plan. I’ve tracked my calories every day and tried to get lots of fruits and veggies in. Today when I was at yoga over my lunch hour I got hungry and was actually craving the veggies I had packed for lunch.I’ve actually had a hard time meeting my calorie goal ( okay so it hasn’t been that hard), which tells me I’ve done a good job cutting the “junk” out of my diet. A major thing I’ve cut is alcohol. For some reason the last couple of weeks I’ve come home from work and had at least one glass of wine or a beer. Not terrible, I know, but I definitely feel the difference. I’ve also been adding Amazing Grass to my green smoothies in the morning and that has given me a ton of energy!

Yesterday I did my Triathlon Training Strength training workout for the build phase. This one has been especially challenging. I am always sore afterwards. I’m thinking of skipping it on Friday so my legs aren’t aching for my 32 mile bike tour on Saturday. I also ran 40 minutes after lifting which was really tough! I powered through though. It might have been have been more challenging than usual since I left my MP3 player at the Y. I figured it was a good idea to run without music since that’s the way it will go down at the triathlon. Let’s just say, I’m not a big fan of running without music.

I haven’t taken too many pictures lately but here is a little friend who has decided to make her home with us



She looks kind of evil in this last picture! I saw her babies peak their head up but couldn’t get a picture. I’m going to keep trying to capture them, they’re so cute! It’s a sure sign of spring!


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