No! Not the movie, the restaurant!


When I got home from work I found “the boys” getting their weekend on with some rum and coke! We headed out down the giver to The Great River Roadhouse one of THE BEST pizza places in the area! It’s a very rustic looking place, perfect for my hunter and fisherman!



They are located south of our home town pretty much in the middle of no where right along the beautiful Mississippi River. The weather was kind of crumby so I didn’t take any pictures outside. When we got there I was definitely ready to get my weekend on!




Yummmmmmm! Blue Moon! It was definitely casual Friday for me yesterday! We ordered two pizzas. A simple pepperoni for “the boys” and a more adventurous one for me, buffalo chicken pie!


100_0173 The pepperoni is an XL and the chicken is a L. We only finished about half of each (the boys tried some of the chicken pizza too). More shenanigans.



A funny thing happened after dinner. We were driving back to town and “the boys” suggested we stop for ice cream. I LOVE ice cream My motto is, “there’s always room for ice cream.” We planned on stopping at this great little neighborhood shop. It took us a while to get back to town and as we driving I thought to myself, “Ya, know I’m pretty satisfied right now, almost a little full. If I eat ice cream I think I’ll feel kind of gross. I think I’ll skip the ice cream.” WHAT?! I NEVER (and I mean NEVER EVER) skip the ice cream. I just knew I wouldn’t feel good physically if I ate it. My mouth still wanted something sweet so I had a taste of the husband’s ice cream and also ate a Dove chocolate when I got home. I was pretty shocked at myself! This is definitely a good thing!

I could not sleep in so I’m up bright and early eating “first breakfast.” I need a little fuel in me. Since I skipped my swim workout on Thursday   I decided that before I teach cycling today I’ll do 30 minutes in the pool. I generally don’t do a swim paired with another workout, should be interesting with the wet hair! I figure it’s good practice for the triathlon since you bike after you swim. Of course you don’t get a long time to shower and change clothes completely.

Speaking of the triathlon, I’m nearing the end of week 5 of my training This is the first week where I feel like my body has taken a beating. I am so SORE! I hope this means I am building muscle, I am in the “build phase” after all. I think the last time I didn’t feel sore was Monday. I am really looking forward to my rest day tomorrow. I’m not sure if I’ll go to yoga. I could use the stretching and I LOVE the class but then am I truly resting my body? Sometimes the class can be quite challenging.

See you later! Maybe you’ll even get a double post! If not have a great Saturday!

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