Earth Day Confession

Howdy folks! How’s your Thursday going? Mine has been pretty busy here at work. I’m in the midst of a big project (a different one than the one I messed up the other day) and spent most of the day on the phone and in meetings! I was quite happy to get out of the office and do a little grocery shopping for a lunch I’m hosting tomorrow. I may or may not have stopped at Java Detour for a Raspberry Green Tea Latte…Yum!

So, I realized something yesterday and I must make a confession about my lifestyle. I may do A LOT to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I exercise on a daily basis, I eat wholesome food about 80% of the time, I do not deny myself “treats” ( the other 20% of the time). There is one thing I don’t do which I am beginning to see as unhealthy for myself and for the environment. I don’t eat organic food. Unless I’m looking for a specialty items that the Food Co-Op only carries in organic I generally chose regular produce over organic. Why do I do this? The number one reason is cost. I’ve told myself for a long time that I can afford to eat healthy just not THAT healthy. Now, I’m begriming to see why it might be important to my health and the environment. I came to this realization last night at my youth group gathering. I took my youth to the Hillview Greenhouse. A couple from our church run this greenhouse as way involve older adults in our community in meaningful work. Not only is their purpose to provide this service to the elderly in our community but they also want to produce a sustainable organic product to be used in our community.


100_0120 Overall it was a very cool presentation. I may be rethinking my produce choices, especially those I buy regularly like spinach, lettuce, and apples. I definitely want to try and support this local organization.

As promised here is cooking experiment # 2 for the week. Can you guess what I made?



102_0094 Almond Butter! I read a lot about this on other food blogs. It seemed simple enough. Just process whole, raw almonds in your food processor until they reach the desired consistency. Add what ever flavoring you want. It takes a lot of time, bowl scrapping, and patience.


102_0096    102_0100

I have to admit I almost lost my patience with this one. It stayed the consistency of a dough ball for a very long time. I thought it would never get smooth. My food processor also got very hot which kind of freaked me out.  I also may have added a little too much vanilla, it’s a bit over powering. Over all I think it will work. I haven’t tried it on toast yet but I’ve added it to my oats and it’s pretty good. Cheaper than buying almond butter too. There are some other fun recipes for almond and other nut butters I want to try too.

I did NOT so my triathlon training today. I am still SUPER sore from my Tuesday workout. I managed to run 3 miles yesterday without too much pain. Late last night a gal from the Y called to see if I would sub her Group Strength class. I was going to do my strength workout and swim so I figured skipping the swim wouldn’t hurt too much. Plus I needed the money (new camera).

I have a surprise night off since no one signed up to go to the soup kitchen. I plan on doing another kitchen experiment (stay tuned), walking the doggie, and maybe taking my bike in to get tuned up. I am for sure getting a portable tire changing kit and an additional water bottle holder. Have a great day!

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