Hello! What a beautiful Saturday! I hope where ever you are you’re having a good day! Mine has been glorious!

First off, guess what came in the mail yesterday?


If you guessed my new camera you’re right! It came later in the day so I didn’t really have time to play with it until this morning. This blossom is on a little bush outside our house. Doesn’t it take AMAZING pictures? I’m loving it already!

I had a 40 minute run planned for this morning. After my crumby run the other day I learned my lesson. I got up early enough to enjoy “first breakfast.” An Arnold’s Thin whole wheat bun toasted with almond butter and a banana plus some green tea.


My run went really well! It felt great, much better than yesterday. I think I averaged a 9:12 min/mile. It was a little cool but sunny pretty much perfect running weather. When I came home I enjoyed “second breakfast.” A Green Monster with vanilla almond milk (SO good in smoothies!), spinach, ground flax seed (that’s the powdery stuff), and frozen pineapple chunks. I also had an unpictured egg. I needed to energize for  my Zumba class!

102_0013 102_0014


102_0020  102_0019

Zumba was AWESOME! There was a large group of people taking a day long course to become fitness instructors (same course I took). As part of the course they had to come to my Zumba class. There were a couple of guys who really let lose and shook their booties! The group had a lot of energy and I got a lot of compliments on my class. It was so much fun.

I then hit up the Co-Op and bought a bunch of fun ingredients to use in a few experiments I want to try. You’ll just have to stay tuned for that!

When I got home I showered and ate lunch, I was STARVING! Then the hubby and I ran some fun errands. We went to Barnes and Noble, the liquor store (we NEEDED wine!), Farm and Fleet (for the hubby). Then m\we made a stop at Caribou Coffee, I got a Cinnamon Roobios Tea Latte, SO GOOD! Then we got a special treat, an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen! I pointed out that I didn’t really have a birthday cake. About once a year we get the urge for an ice cream cake. We buy one and eat it all week long. In small amounts the ice cream cake isn’t that bad for you. They are made with light ice cream. Still an indulgence but definitely worth it!

Well, I’m going to go play with my camera some more before I have to go to work. Tomorrow I have to work ALLLLLLLLL morning and into the afternoon, not sure what else I’ll be doing! Have a good one!

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