Craptastic Run!

Happy almost Friday to you! I hope life is treating you well this fine day!

So, this morning I decided I would go for my first morning run in a long time! It’s finally getting light out early enough for me to get in a few miles before work. It was even warm enough to wear shorts and a t-shirt. I love getting workouts done first thing in the morning but I was taking advantage of the beautiful weather and longer days and doing them in between work events (sometimes a little stressful!). Izzy warmed up with me while I gave her her 20 minute walk around the neighborhood. Then I dropped her back off at home and hit the pavement. I only had to run for 30 minutes and let me tell you it felt so hard! I even had to stop and walk for a minute to collect my thoughts and get back into it. I still managed to average 9:30 min. mile but it didnot feel good. I can only attribute this to two things.

1. I did not fuel up or hydrate. I use to be the girl who rolled out of bed and hit the pavement, pool, or bike without eating. I claimed it upset my stomach. When I know I have a run planned for the afternoon I make sure to eat a good, energy filled lunch. Usually a complex carb and some protein. If I start to feel a little hungry in the afternoon I’ll make sure to have a light snack at least and hour before I get off work. I usually drink about 24-40oz of water throughout the day. This morning I went back to my regular routine running on an empty stomach and a dehydrated body. Not good! I’m definitely going to have to factor this in before my next morning run and get up early enough to digest something simple. It really does make a difference!

2. Allergies. My allergies have been terrible lately. At some points during my run it did feel hard to breathe. Not sure how to fix this. I already take and OTC allergy med before I go to bed at night.

I sure was glad when that run was over! I gave the Bondiband the ultimate test today during my run. I have extremely thick, heavy hair. I’ve also been growing my hair out so there are a lot of short stubby pieces. I also recently got bangs so I usually have to clip those back. For someone with heavy hair I had to use A LOT of hair clips to get it out of my face. Sometimes I wear a bandana or a hat but that makes me pretty warm. The Bondibands seems to do the trick! I LOVE them! I’ve worn them lifting weights, to yoga, cycling, AND today running. The best part is they did not slip off my head like other headbands have in the past. Plus they are so fun!


Can you see what it says? “Will RUN for WINE” Cute huh? And here it is still in place after my run!


It didn’t move an inch! They make ones for guys too! You should really check them out!

I guess that’s all for now. I can’t wait to start shooting good pictures again. My camera is coming tomorrow! Even though I didn’t like shelling out the money for a new camera I love getting fun things in the mail! See you tomorrow!


6 responses to “Craptastic Run!

  1. Good suggestion with the Bondi band and cute stories too! Have you heard of They sell lots of sporting goods there.

    Great job writing Kristin!

  2. I think I’ll have to try out the Bondi Band too since my hair never stays in place even with several hair clips. Also, some days are just bad running days. It happens to me too. Although your bad day (9:30 min mile is amazing!) is still much faster than my best days.

  3. That would be awesome Kristin! Thanks.

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