A quick hello and good bye!

Hello! This going to be short and sweet as I only have a few moments. Wednesdays are often my 12 hour days at work and I’m in between events right now. Just thought I’d pop in to the blog world and say hi!

Nothing too new and exciting to report. I went to yoga today over my lunch hour. I am so impressed with how I’ve improved. I’m not going to lie. When the instructor made us do chaturungas I would often skip then and go right to cobra. Lately I’ve been trying to do them. They are so tough! Today though I just breathed into the pose and it didn’t seem that bad! I felt like a rock start! I love yoga!

I also bought my new camera! Can’t wait for it to come so I can experiment with it and show you the beautiful pictures I just know it’s going to take! Entering in my credit card number was kind of painful! Oh well!

Finally I took a nice little walk around campus today as I ran an errand. It’s over 80 degrees today! So fun! The kids were out studying in the sun!

Well, I’m off! Hope you’re having a good Wednesday!

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