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Hi there! How’s Tuesday going? Good I hope! I hope you enjoyed the little peak into my past that I gave you yesterday.

I came to work thinking that there was a TON of stuff I had to do this week. It’s true that there is  lots to get ready for but it’s not like it’s due tomorrow. Everything is spread out nice and evenly. I already got more than I thought I would accomplished. I even managed to do this after taking a 2 hour lunch! Please if those of you who read this know where I work don’t get up in arms. Things are pretty casual around here. Hours are not set in stone and many times I end up working at night and ALWAYS work on the weekends so taking a 2 hour lunch isn’t affecting my work. Just as long as everything that needs to get done gets done we’re good to go.

About twice a year I get a call from my good friend Carolyn. I call Carolyn my “other mom.” She’s a few years older than my mom and is actually one of my best friend’s moms. When we were growing up Carolyn was the Girl Scout Leader for her daughter’s troop and my mom was our leader. We often did things together since there weren’t that many active older troops in town (umm yeah, I was the only one my troop). The other girls in Carolyn’s troop have become my life long friends. They were the bridesmaids in my wedding and I in theres. Here are my girls modeling the bridesmaid dresses for my wedding! Carolyn’s daughter is on the far left.

my girls

Carolyn calls usually to ask a simple favor which I am more than willing to do. She then decides she needs to treat me to lunch. And treat me she does! I get to pick the place, usually downtown. Today we went to  Grounded Specialty Coffee which is a fabulous little coffee shop that serves delicious wraps, sandwiches AND Gelato! Oh how I wished my camera was working! Ever since I started taking pictures of food I notice how beautiful or photogenic my meals can be! We ordered hot tea to start. We each got to pick from about 3 dozen different types of loose leaf tea which they brewed in your own little pot. Then you got to pick out your own antique tea cup and saucer. Mine was so pretty! To eat I had a curried chicken wrap with tons of veggies. So good! Then for dessert I had cinnamon coffee AND carrot and cream cheese gelato. Both were FABULOUS! The food was amazing but the best part about this little gem of a coffee shop are the owners. I actually know them personally. When I first started doing triathlons they were my swim coaches! I still picture Todd on the side of the pool yelling, “You’re LONG and STRONG!” The values they bring to our community through their business are true and honest. I love supporting them and their work. If you live in my area and have never tried Grounded for lunch or at all you must check it out!

Oh how I wish I could share some photos with you! Like I said the camera is not working. BUT I talked with Kodak and they gave me two options. One was a standard $150 fee for repair (plus shipping and handling). Or 15% off a new camera (they call it their upgrade program). Well, I scoped it out and of course picked out this model. I know a lot of bloggers use SLR cameras but I checked with my dad, the camera expert (he worked in a camera shop from high school through college) and he says this is about as good as an SLR without the options to change lenses but who needs to with 26X optical zoom! I just need to approve it with the husband and I’m back in business. Honestly I don’t want to spend this kind of money (even with the 15% off). I’ve bee buying A LOT of stuff lately. But, even if I wasn’t blogging we LOVE to take pictures and can’t live without a camera.


That’s all the news I have for you today. After work I’m getting my hair trimmed, nothing drastic but I love getting it shaped up! Then hanging with the hubby! Have a good one!

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