The weather is fine wish you were here!

Happy Sunday to you folks! Boy I wish you could see me now! Oh wait! You can!


I am currently sitting outside, in shorts and a tank top, drinking a Green Monster , soaking in the sun AND blogging! Too fun! The rest of my birthday was pretty great. Our dinner at Kate’s on State was AMAZING! I totally would have brought you along, the food was definitely picture worthy but my good camera hasn’t been working so I left it at home. I was SO exhausted last night. I’m not if it was from my brick workout yesterday or what. We went to bed SUPER early, I guess that’s what happens when you turn 30! I woke up today still feeling really tired despite getting a good night’s sleep. I think it’s just allergy related but I hope I’m not getting sick. We met up with my good friend Marianne and her husband who had just flown back from a cruise. We went out to breakfast at another great local place Fayze’s. Then I had to head to work for a little while. I had full intentions of returning home and hanging out on the couch or maybe even taking a nap. Instead I thought maybe a power packed green smoothie for lunch plus a soak in the sun would help to energize me! I’m feeling better already. I plan to hit up my favorite yoga class later and then we’re heading over to my parent’s house to celebrate my birthday. Excuse me but I have to move my lounge chair so I get more sun! Have a great day!

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