This is what 30 looks like!

Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday to me! Hey folks! Happy Saturday! So, this is what 30 looks like.


That’s me ready to go on my first really long brick workout of my training. I had scheduled a 55 minute bike ride followed by a 10 minute run. My plan was to drive out to a little parking area at the head of a state trail but bike on the county highways doing the sprint distance course. I wore my new jersey but it was a little too cold to just wear that so I had to wear a wind breaker too.

Meet Rosie! My bike! I don’t really call my bike that out loud just occasionally in my head.


I really love my bike! I bought it about 9 years ago and it has served me well!

Here I am all ready to go!


I really like this route because there are some pretty major hills. I only stopped at the top of one to show you picture. Fortunately after a long slow incline there is a really nice downhill.



Trust me these pictures don’t do it justice.


It wasn’t really foggy out, I think my lens got sweaty.  I was making pretty good time so I thought I would extend my ride and not turn where I was suppose. I continued onward because I wanted to see where Russian Coulee Rd was. This is where the longer distance triathlon bike course continues onward. I was pretty much biking out in farm country. Here’s Russian Coulee Rd and the surrounding area.




Wow! I didn’t realize how foggy the lens was. I was using a cheapo sport camera. I also didn’t realize that the reason I was making such good time was because the wind was at my back. When I turned around to head back I was faced with a terrible head wind! I was going so slow and my legs were burning! There was also the ominous black cloud that kept hovering around me.   It did rain a little but not too bad! Because of the wind and the extra distance I decided to add on I actually biked for 72 minutes. Then I did a little run down the bike trail. Of course the minute I was finished the sun came out. It was a tough workout, I was glad when it was over but I felt pretty good!


According to my Garmin I burned over 1000 calories! Wow! After my work out I went to pick up the running shoes I ordered. Look what just happened to be on the way to shoe store…


I treated myself to a Cinnamon Roobios Tea Latte! When I got home I refueled with some lunch and the husband suggested we take a little road trip down the river. Our friend who is a river pilot who usually runs tow boats on the Southern part of the Mississippi was passing through out section of the river (very rare) . We took the doggie and headed down the river to check it out.


PICT0089 Don’t we live in a pretty part of the world? Well, I’m pretty beat! I’m going to take a little rest, shower, head to work for a little bit and then we’re going out for my birthday dinner! So far 30 is going pretty well!

p.s. Sorry for the poor picture quality. We are having issues with the other camera and I wouldn’t have brought it a long on the bike trip any way!


2 responses to “This is what 30 looks like!

  1. Happy birthday!

    Looks like a nice ride in the country. 🙂


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