Annnnnnnd……I’m Back!

Hi there! Happy Friday to you! Today is my last day in my 20’s! Yipes! Hard to believe!

So I had this AWESOME post planned for yesterday and plenty of time to post. I even took lots of pictures (although today the camera isn’t working again 😦 ). I tried to download Window’s Live Writer to my ancient home PC since I didn’t bring my work laptop home. I COULD NOT get it to work! I ended up wasting a bunch of tine trying to figure it out but it still didn’t work! Oh well!

After my downer of a day I rocked out an AWESOME 30 minute run averaging 9:08 minute mile, pretty awesome for someone who’s standard is a 10 minute mile! It felt really good to run. I was still tired but I was glad I did it.

Well, I’m continuing my spending spree! I didn’t even bother to post about ALL the pretty clothes I got right before Easter. Kohl’s just had too much good stuff that fit me and looked good! I bought two dresses, a trench coat, and a cute top! Yesterday I stopped in at a local bike shop to buy a new helmet. Mine had a huge crack in it. After chatting with the sales guys it turns out that the helmet I was using really wasn’t that safe. He said it was probably better than nothing but you should replace your helmet every couple of years. I think I bought mine 10 years ago! Here’s the new one!




Pretty basic. Nothing fancy. While I was in the shop I happened across a clearance rack. Oh lordy! Their jerseys were 50% off. Again, I haven’t bought a real jersey in about 10 years. The first one is cute, nice for this spring weather.

100_5213    The second one is SUPER cute! I just love the little lady with her bike!



I’m super excited to wear one of these and my new helmet on a long bike ride tomorrow.

They called to tell my my new running shoes are in too! So, except for renting a wetsuit I guess I’m all set! 

Oh yes! I almost forgot! My new sports bras from Moving Comfort came in. I tried out the Vixen the other day on my run. It worked really well! Very comfortable. I had a little chaffing on my sides from my heart rate monitor and the bra didn’t irritate it at all. I’ll be trying out the Phoebe tonight. The Phoebe has a little less padding so I will probably wear that for the triathlon. I also got my Bondi Band order. Unfortunately I’m an idiot and didn’t see the place where you select what color you want your band in. I ordered both my in beige! Yuck! They looked like really think nylons. The good news is they will gladly refund me AND they sent me a 5 for $25 coupon so I reordered the two I liked plus three more! I just know they are going to be awesome and so much fun! The swim cap I bought works really well. Very thick and durable!

Well, I’m out like sauerkraut! Have a 5 mile run planned for after work then I’m going out with the girls!


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