Lot’s of Good News

Howdy! How’s you Monday going? Mine’s pretty good. A little bit rushed for a day off but oh well! I had to sing at a funeral this morning at my work and needed to be there by 9am so kind of like any old work day. I got up early with the husband so I could start some laundry and do a little cleaning. The rest of the day is mine except for a meeting tonight!

The good news is I think my dad fixed my camera! I took a lot of pictures yesterday to test it out.


Bloody Mary’s with beer chasers before Easter lunch!

100_5192  Cheese!


My brother and his new girl friend (we really like her!).

100_5193  Mom and Dad.


Hand picked flowers the new girl friend brought my mom (see why we like her!).


Three bean salad.

100_5203  Ham!


Jello mold!


The whole gang (except my dad who took the picture).

We had a lot of fun playing a game called Tune Bya (Think of the song Kumbia). Dinner was good BUT I was really surprised at how my taste buds have changed. The jello mold and another salad that I actually made both had sugar free jello and pudding in them . I use to be the sugar free queen. These items just did not taste good to me. I swear I could taste the chemicals in them. Yuck! Other than that all was good!

The other good news is my back is 100% better. I went on a 40 minute run before heading to my parent’s house and it felt great. I then did the YogaDownload.com 20 minute Yoga for runner’s podcast. Today I went for a great 45 minute bike ride. It was great to get outside and ride!

Hopefully this week I can complete all my triathlon training without too much trouble!

In other exciting news this my last week in my 20’s! Yep, that’s right, on Saturday I’ll be turning 30! Hard to believe.

Hope you have a great week!


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