Breaking out the plastic!


Howdy folks! I sure hope you are having a good Saturday. Mine so far has been splendid! I woke up and realized that I have absolutely nothing on my agenda today until I go to Mass at 8pm! What a glorious feeling! The husband took off early to go do some fishing before the Easter celebrations begin. I slept in and then laid in bed for an hour reading and snuggling with Izzy!

My back is feeling much much better! BUT I still thought I would give it one more days rest before doing some high impact exercise. So I skipped my scheduled run and opted for another long walk with Izzy and a FREE 60 minute yoga class I found on It was GLORIOUS!

I realized while I was walking that I’ve been purchasing a lot of “gear” for my upcoming Triathlon and now Half Marathon. I ordered new running shoes. My preferred brand of running shoes are Asics. Right now I’m running in the Gel Stratus 2.1.



Fortunately I was able to reorder 2 more pairs (there’s a buy one get one half off special at the store I shop at) for my next year of running.

After discovering that “the girls” have changed sizes since the last time I was measured 4 years ago I thought it was time to invest in some new sports bras. I’ll admit, I’ve been a cheapo and have bought some cheap sports bras at Walmart for the lat 2 years. I figured with the longer miles/time running I’ll need something a little more durable and supportive. I was also looking for something that I could wear in the water for the triathlon that would dry fast. I read a few blog reviews and a lot of them mentioned that Moving Comfort had a lot of options for larger women. I purchased the Vixen



And the Phoebe



I’ll be sure to do a review once they come in.

For fun I also purchased two Bondi Bands and a swim cap from the Bondi Band website. These look so fun and functional. You should really check these out! The two bands I got say, “Will Run for Wine” and “Tri Chick” I got the cap because, well, I’ve never actually had a REAL swim cap. I always just use the free one they give out at the triathlons . Fortunately those have lasted me fairly long. I thought it would be nice to have a REAL swim cap. Shortly after I purchased the Bondi Bands I found out the Ashley is doing a fun give away on her blog for some Bondi Bands. Of course I entered. You should enter too! Here’s the link

So needless to say my credit cards has been taking a beating lately! Please know that I am not paid to mention these items on my blog. I just thought I’d share with you some of the new and old things I use in my training!

Well, that walk and yoga made me pretty hungry. I’m going to grab some lunch, hit the shower and then head out to the mall. I never made it out shopping yesterday. Right after I published my post a HUGE storm rolled in. I thought it best to stay in doors!

Enjoy your day and have Happy Easter!


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