Seder Supper

Hi there! Hope you’re having a good Thursday. Mine is pretty decent except my back still REALLY hurts! I laid on the floor last night because it was the only thing that felt good. Actually the only thing that feels bad is sitting and then getting up after sitting for a long time. I feel sharp spasms of pain in my lower back. OUCH! I’m trying to make the best of it. No run for me today. I will try swimming tomorrow as swimming is good for a sore back. Too bad because the weather is UNBELIEVABLE today. I think we’re going to hit a record high.

Yesterday I promised to share with you pictures from our annual Seder Supper. Here’s a brief religion lesson for ya. Seder means order. A Seder Supper for the Jewish Religion celebrates the night that God freed the Israelites from slavery in Egypt also known as the Passover. Christians believe that Jesus was celebrating this same Passover meal on the night that before he died. There is a specific order to meal with special prayers, songs, and FOOD that remembers the Israelites flight out of Egypt. If you’ve ever seen Charleston Heston’s The Ten Commandments or the animated film The Prince of Egypt you know what I’m talking about.

First we have Matzo, unleavened bread which represents the haste with which the Israelites fled Egypt, no time for bread to rise.


Charoses which is a mixture of apples, nuts, cinnamon, and wine represents the mortor used by the Jewish slaves in constructing the temples of Egypt.100_5155

Karpas a green vegetable usually parsley, or celery (these are cucumbers but we had celery too) representing redemption usually served with a bowl of salt water to represent the tears shed.


Beitzah, a roasted egg a symbol of life. We also had Maror, bitter herbs (horse radish in our case) symbolizing the bitterness of slavery (sorry I didn’t get a picture of that!).

100_5151  Wine, four glasses of wine are consumed at the Seder (we had grape juice for those under 21 and I’m pretty sure I didn’t refill my cup four times). These four glasses of wine represent the four fold promise of redemption.


There is also Zeroah, traditionally a piece of lamb but can also be chicken or turkey. This symbolizes the paschal sacrifice. Here is an example of a complete Seder plate.


So over all not the most tasty meal but very cool that food symbolizes so much to the Jewish people in this ancient celebration. Don’t you worry we had a complete dinner with chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, and a brownie with ice cream for dessert!

Tonight is the true celebration of Jesus’ last supper. We are having a potluck here at church and then a special Mass. Not sure if the camera will make it to the meal but we’ll see!

Stay tuned. Tomorrow I have a very exciting announcement! I’ve already tweeted about it and mentioned it on Facebook! Can you guess what it is?


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