Injured Again?

Hey folks! Half way through the work week! Actually tomorrow is my last day of work as I have Friday off!

I can’t believe I’m going to write this but I think I hurt myself again and this time I have no idea how! I taught cycling this morning and it went great! I had sweat dripping off my nose, nice! I then decided to do some core work. This also went well even though I realized how weak my core has gotten. I got home and made another fabulous smoothie in the new blender.  When I got up from eating breakfast I immediately felt a pain in my back, a bad pain! I thought , “Oh no!” I walked Izzy hoping it would work itself out. It seemed to help. But after sitting at my desk for a few hours this morning it got even worse. Every time I stand up I’m in great pain. I debated going to yoga at noon but thought perhaps it would help. I also knew I could modify the poses so to not irritate my injury. My back actually felt great during yoga. I thought perhaps I had cured myself but alas I’m back at work and it still hurts, BAD! I just can’t seem to figure out how this happened. I didn’t do anything to hurt my back. I did injure my back about 10 years ago lifting something heavy the wrong way so I’m especially prone to injury. This stinks! I have a run scheduled for tomorrow after work. It’s suppose to be beautiful out too! It actually doesn’t hurt when I’m active it’s just from sitting. Ho hum! We’ll see what happens tomorrow.

Even though my camera is being a pain I’m going to bring it along tonight to my work so I can share something very special with you. Yes, I know this is a food/health/fitness blog but tonight’s event involves FOOD! We are having our annual Seder Supper. I’ll explain all about it tomorrow!

Say a little prayer (if that’s your thing) that my back gets better! See you tomorrow!

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