Day off doings!

Hey there! How’s life treating you today? Life is good over here. Pretty basic day at work. I don’t have to teach Zumba tonight like I thought. I do have to go back to work later tonight but it’s just for a short meeting so no biggie.

I had such a DELICOUS lunch yesterday! The star of my lunch was definitely the sweet potato! I LOVE sweet potatoes just baked in the microwave or roasted in the oven. I found a different way to prepare them on Ashley’s blog. I just had to try this. I didn’t think how you roasted a sweet potato would make any difference but let me tell you! These were so delicious! So simple and easy yet they tasted so rich! And pretty too!


100_5137  Don’t you love my well used and loved baking pan? Of course I also had my left over Miso dishes from Sunday.


I realized I forgot to show you what the actual Miso looked like.


It’s kind of like paste.

After lunch I headed out to do some shopping. I ordered some new running shoes from Rogan’s. I went to Target to check out some of their summer dresses. None of them really looked good on, the material just didn’t flow nice, kind of cheap. So, what does a foodie spend their money on when they can’t find clothes? Kitchen stuff of course!


I found the Black & Decker blenders on sale. The husband suggested the $24.99 one but the one I bought was just a little nicer and only $9 more! I also bought a silicon whisk to whip my egg whites into my oatmeal and a new 1 cup measuring cup to replace the one I accidentally melted!



As you can also see I stopped by Victoria’s Secret. I had a good coupon that expired yesterday. The sales lady asked if I needed to be measured. I figured why not. The lady said I went up a size from what I was wearing. I totally thought it was a ploy to buy more stuff. So I grabbed the size she said and tried them on. Low and behold they fit! I guess I should be upset that I’m up a size but it is what it is. At least I’m comfortable now! So ladies, get yourself measured no matter where you shop!

I also bought some contact solution that was suppose to fix my camera issue but it didn’t 😦 I’m so mad about this! I was just starting to use some of the more advanced features on the camera and learning how to get the pictures to look good for the blog. We can’t really afford a SLR which is what I REALLY want. The other option is to get a 15% discount on a new camera from Kodak. So bummed! Not sure what I’m going to do!

I used the new blender this morning and I LOVED it! Sorry I didn’t take a picture I was running late! I also did the weight training/swimming workout I skipped last week due to my arm injury. I felt pretty good while doing it but I must admit my arm/shoulder is a little sore right now 😦 .

I guess that’s all for now! I can’t wait to take my doggie for a walk, it’s almost 70 degrees here! Suppose to be 75 tomorrow!

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