What’s up with that?!

Hey! Hey! How’s it going? Hope you’re having a good Friday!

Last night before we went to sleep the husband said,

“Are you getting up early to work out?”

I said, “Yep!” 

“I bet  you’ll sleep in.”

Me, “No! I set my alarm and everything! I signed up for a cycling class. I’m too busy tomorrow to workout any other time and I need to get a bike ride in”

“Okay,” he said doubtfully.

Well, the next thing I know his alarm goes off at 6am, a whole half hour later than I needed to get up!

“I thought you were going to workout?” he said

“I was.” I replied.

“I told you you were going to sleep in!”

Ah! I set the alarm for the wrong time! I decided I would leave work early today and ride my bike outside. I’m afraid it’s going to be a little chilly for that! It’s only 42 degrees out! The winds are 13 miles/hour and the wind chill is 34 degrees! Yikes! I’ll suck it up. It’s only for 30 minutes! This crazy mishap has kind of thrown my whole day off though. I would have liked to get my workout done right away so I didn’t have to worry about it.

Tonight I’m going to see my brother’s play again. Then tomorrow we’re headed out on another adventure. I can’t say what it is just yet since it’s surprise and I’m not sure who reads this blog!

For lunch today I had a CRAZY salad. I thought about taking a picture but my camera has really been acting up lately and it’s just such a pain. My salad had romaine lettuce, 1 carrot, half a tomato, mushrooms, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, chickpeas, and pumpkin seeds. I topped it with my last black bean veggie burger. I know I mentioned that I ate this but I don’t think I gave the recipe. They are so good! I got the recipe here but made the following modifications. I didn’t add the sun dried tomatoes because I didn’t have any and I used spelt flour instead of chick pea flour because that’s what I had. These were so yummy and HUGE!

Tonight I’m making a SUPER EASY salmon recipe. All you do is take 1/4 honey, 1/4 of soy sauce, 2 minced garlic cloves and mix them together in large plastic bag. Add4 salmon fillets to the bag and marinate for at least an hour (mine have been marinating all day). Cook at 350 degrees for 15 minutes. I’ve never made these before so I’ll let you know how they turn out!

Lot’s of healthy eats before our weekend away. I’m still going to try and eat healthy over the weekend. I hate coming home and feeling like sludge or like I have to start all over again!

Hope you have a good weekend!


One response to “What’s up with that?!

  1. YAY! I’m glad you liked the black bean burgers. Haha, everyone is always saying how gigantic they are, but to me they were just normal sized burgers. Guess I’ve got a big burger appetite! 😉

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