Arm/Shoulder Injury Update

Hey there! What’s happening on your Thursday afternoon? Not much over here. I get to go to lunch with my dad this afternoon! It’s his birthday today! Happy birthday dad! I have my camera along but I don’t know if I’ll take any pics. I brought it to show him what a pain in the butt it’s being. I brought it to a work event last night and wanted to throw it across the room. It just would not stop turning off and on!

So, I skipped my workout for today. If you check out my Triathlon Training Plan you’ll see that I was suppose to lift weights and swim today. About a week ago I wrote about am awesome run I took with my dog Izzy. Unfortunately I really think I sustained some type of injury from dragging her behind me for 3.5 miles. On Friday when I swam I was in a serious amount of pain from my neck going down my back and shoulder. Saturday it was still a little sore. Sunday  and Monday I had pain in my left arm, I think in my deltoid. I ran Sunday, practiced Zumba, biked, and ran on Monday. I also cleaned my house on Monday. I never realized how much I use my left arm to do every day things. I am left handed but seriously, I do everything with my left side! So I guess I wasn’t really resting it. On Tuesday I decided to skip my Triathlon Training workout since the arm was still sore and I had to teach Zumba. During Zumba I could definitely feel my arm hurting. Yesterday I did yoga, still feeling pain in my arm and ran. My last night the pain had moved up, back into my shoulder and neck. I packed all my stuff for my workout this morning but when that alarm went off I said, “I don’t want to hurt my arm” (I actually said this out loud) and went back to bed. This is probably a good thing. I really need a full day of rest. Today it feels the best it ever has. Still a little sore but not so painful. It’s really hard for me to skip a workout but I have to do what’s best for my body. Fortunately swimming is my strong sport so I’m not too worried about how this will affect my overall training.

In other news, look who I found snuggled in our bed before I even got a chance to make it!


100_5106  She’s just so cute!

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