Before and After

Hello friends! How’s your Wednesday treating you? Mine is going pretty well! Things are actually slow for me at work these days, I have to to invent things to do!

If you’re interested my Triathlon Training Plan is up! Just click on the links to view both my cardio and strength training plans. You’ll noticed that I got as far as my build phase planning. That’s because I got to the peak phase, started looking at my calendar, and stressed out because I have to teach cycling a TON during this phase of my training. This is bad because I really need time and energy for longer rides outside. The bike is my weakest event by far. I went to yoga at lunch time, calmed down a bit, and put out an email to my fellow cycling instructors to see if they would sub a few of my classes for me. I must have not been teaching as much last spring because I felt like I got a lot of good outdoor rides in.

So I’ve been thinking a lot about what I’m eating now versus what I use to eat when I was in fact super skinny (you can read about this part of my weight loss roller coaster ride here ). Before, for breakfast I would eat a giant bowl of cereal, either Kashi GoLean or shredded wheat, with skim milk, a banana, and coffee. Both the coffee and the cereal would be sweetened heavily with Splenda. Before, for lunch I would eat a bunch of baby carrots, fat free, sugar free yogurt, an apple, and a turkey sandwich made with light bread (tastes like cardboard), and fat free lunch meat. For dinner I would probably eat a frozen meal, or a Boca burger, again with that light bread sprayed heavily with I can’t believe it’s not butter spray. I would eat frozen or canned veggies. My dessert would be fat free sugar free pudding, light ice cream, or some other processed, fat free type of food.

Today for breakfast I had a Green Smoothie with skim milk, spinach, a banana, and frozen berries (no fake sugar for me thank you very much!), 1 whole wheat Arnold’s sandwich thin with 1 TBSP of almond butter and green tea. For lunch I had a homemade black bean and quinoa burger with 1/4 of an avocado on it (I’m really on a an avocado kick right now), 2 whole carrots, an apple, and 1 serving of Stacy’s Pita Chips. Not sure what I’m having for dinner, probably leftovers.

I just can’t believe how much processed food I use to eat especially FAKE sugar. Gross! I was in fact skinny but I was ALWAYS hungry and I didn’t have as much energy. I’m not saying I never eat processed foods now but I’ve certainly cut a lot of them out. I also need to work on eating whole foods in moderation and listening to my hunger signals. I guess that’s why I joined SparkPeople (I’ll be sharing my thought on SP soon!).

Just some random thoughts I had today while making breakfast and putting together my lunch. My how life has changed. I saved my run for this afternoon as it was suppose to be 60 degrees. Right now it’s only 52! I guess I’ll have to deal with it. Enjoy your Wednesday! One step closer to the weekend!


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