Weekend Adventure Recap Part 2

Hi there! I hope you enjoyed part 1 of our adventure in Saint Paul. Check it out if you missed it!

The four of us decided to sleep in on Saturday morning and boy did it feel good! Brian and Shannon cooked us a delicious breakfast

Mmmmmmmm! Bacon!


And french toast with REAL maple syrup


Pretty much the only time I eat bacon or maple syrup for that matter and it was WONDERFUL!

The main goal of this weekend was to watch some hockey. Now, I am not a big hockey fan, in fact this is the only time of year I watch it but hey it’s tradition and it’s fun! The girls (Shannon and I) were going to the 2pm gam and the guys (Brian and Brian) were going to the 7pm game. So, we had some time to kill. We headed off the the St. Paul History Center.


After checking out a few exhibits the guys got antsy and decided to head to a local drinking establishment to watch college basketball. Shannon and I stayed, checked out a few more exhibits and ate lunch at the history center before heading to the game.

Nice picture of the capital from the history center

100_5025  The game was pretty exciting. We got to see Wisconsin play the University of Denver. Wisconsin won 6 to 3! Our seats were front row right behind the goal! There were a lot of goals scored on our side and lots of action!



100_5033  We met up with the boys at Tom Reid’s Hockey Pub

100_5038 100_5040

100_5037 100_5036

I tried a new to me beer suggested by the husband, New Castle! It was yummy!

Then the boys took off for their game and the ladies went SHOPPING! Our first stop was a place I have only heard about in the blog world


Yes that’s right! My first visit to Trader Joe’s

100_5042 I really liked it! It was like a giant Co-Op only with Trader Joe brand products and I thought they had really reasonable prices. I only bought a few items since I didn’t really NEED anything


Almond butter (because it was such a steal!) chocolate covered edamame (because it was unique) and Trader Joe’s Trail Mix Wasabi Wow! (also unique).

We also stopped at a really cool shop called Patina and browsed. We then headed to the Mall of America We actually walked around all three floors of the mall (about one mile per lap!). We stopped in a few stores and looked but didn’t buy any clothes. I did get a birthday present for a friend and a fun gift for myself


A cute Barbie mug! Have I ever mentioned that I love Barbie!

We met the boys at Bubba Gump Shrimp Company Restaurant for one more beer and of course shrimp!


It was almost midnight by the time we got home!

Shannon, her friend Molly, and I met at 8:30am on Sunday and did a 4 mile run around the lake near Shannon and Brian’s house. It was COLD but an awesome run! It’s always helpful when I visit someone who likes to run too! Then we headed out for brunch at the Capital View Cafe 


By this point my camera was really driving me crazy with it’s constant turning on and off again and losing all the settings. That’s why there is a lack of pictures! We hung out with Dave and Amanda and their little girl Erica (Dave is Shannon’s brother and also worked with my Brian). Then we headed for home!

It was a great weekend! It’s always nice to get away to the big city and be with such fun people. We look forward to Shannon and Brian coming to visit us as well as out annual summer trip to the Cities in July!


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