Weekend Adventure Recap Part 1

Howdy! Hope you had a great weekend. We had an AWESOME adventure in St. Paul MN. We got back this evening and are now getting some laundry done and chilling.

We left Friday afternoon. Here’s some road trip snacks I brought along, just in case I got hungry

100_4977 100_4979

I brought a pear, a pecan pie Larabar, water, and at the last minute grabbed Stacy’s Pita Chips (big mistake! Too addicting!) Here’s my hubby “The Road Warrior”

100_4978 On the ride up I got caught up on my magazine reading


About half way to our destination I mentioned to the husband that a fancy coffee sounded like a good idea. He reminded me that there was a Caribou Coffee in Red Wing so we stopped for a break!

100_4984 100_4985

  I got a cinnamon roobios tea infused latte with extra cinnamon and vanilla. I was raving for miles about how incredibly delicious it was, then I realized I forgot to ask for skim milk and was probably drinking whole milk for the first time in forever. Opps! Oh well! It was REALLY good and kept me filled up!

We arrived in St. Paul and got settled at our friends Shannon and Brian’s house. Then we headed here for dinner



We had gone to Pizza Luce last year when we visited and I was dying to go back! Cheers to good friends and good food!


Shannon and Brian

100_4995  Me and the hubby


Shannon and I shared a fancy foccacia bread topped with pesto, goat cheese, and some other yummy stuff! We also shared a small Mediterranean pizza. The Brian’s had a margarita pizza with added pepperoni and shrimp.



100_5003 100_5000

Me and the dinosaur outside the restaurant

100_5006  Then we headed back to Brian and Shannon’s house where the boys beat us at euchre (but let’s not talk too much about that).



I learned how to use the white balance setting on my camera!



We won the first game!

100_5016  Shenanigans!


For some reason, after this my camera decided that it needed to turn itself off every time I took a picture. Very annoying! I’ll have to figure out what’s going on with that. Stay tuned for the rest of our adventure coming up in future posts! Hope you had a good weekend!

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