Sweating Never Felt So Good!

Hey! Happy Friday! Yay! I’m so excited to get out of town for the weekend!

Yesterday I truly felt trapped in my office. It was SOOOOOOO beautiful outside. I felt a twinge of envy every time someone ran by my window. I could NOT wait to get out and run. Unfortunately I had to wait until almost 6pm to actually get out there. BUT it was my first run of the season in shorts (don’t judge the pasty white legs!)



Look who got to come with my for her first run of the year





100_4973  100_4961

I worked up a pretty good sweat! It was actually pretty hard to run with Izzy. I pretty much had to drag her the whole 3.5miles. She really slowed me down. I’m not sure if I’m getting faster, she’s getting older, or the fact that she had already played pretty hard with my father-in-law before I got home made her tired. Another problem that I think might be caused by my running with Izzy is my left neck and shoulder (the hand I had the leash in) is super sore and really painful this morning. I didn’t notice it when I woke up but when I got in the pool this morning to swim I was in a lot of pain. Me, being an idiot, thought I could swim the soreness away. Nope! It still hurts pretty bad if not worse! Oh well! It was still a good run. I was just glad I got to enjoy the nice weather, today it’s only suppose to get up to 45 (remember a few weeks ago when I thought the 40’s would be GREAT!).


Well, we are headed out of town this weekend and I am supper excited! I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures and bring you along for the adventure. I might not get a post up until Sunday or Monday! Have a great weekend!

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