St. Patty’s Day Recap

Hi friends! Sorry for not posting yesterday. Work was busy, then right after work we headed out for St. Patty’s day dinner, then I had to head back to work for the evening. I didn’t get home until pretty late and then just wanted to veg!

I taught another AWESOME cycling class yesterday morning, sweat was literally dripping off my nose! When I got home I was SUPER hungry and didn’t think a Green Monster would satisfy my hunger! I needed some egg white oats. But how could I NOT drink a GREEN Monster on St. Patrick’s Day? I made a compromise. I had the same Apple Crisp oats I had the other morning, with 2 added egg whites added in for protein.


Then I whipped up a Green Monster to take with me to work for a pre yoga snack.


I took it to work in this new container I bought just for smoothies


You stick the bottoms half in the freezer and it get icy cold. Then if you want you can add powder in the top part, shake and drink. Pretty cool huh? It worked really well for my purpose, keeping my smoothie nice and cold!

In all my crazy running around yesterday morning I did a very stupid thing!


I melted the bottom of my FAVORITE 1 cup measuring cup! We have a flat top stove. I had my oats in the cup and set it on the stove, ready to pour into my boiling liquid. I didn’t realize however that I turned the wrong burner on! Oh how dumb! Oh well, at least I didn’t set the house on fire!

We went to St. Patrick’s day dinner at Brian’s aunt and uncle’s house. I was totally going to take pictures BUT I just didn’t feel comfortable. I really need to start being less shy with the camera, I’m just not ready yet. We had corn beef, cabbage, carrots, dinner rolls, and red potatoes. It was by far one of the best Irish dinners I’ve had. Nothing was too greasy and the meat was cooked to perfection! For dessert we had key lime pie! I may or may not have indulged in my favorite Irish beer, Smithwicks! It was pretty fun. I was pretty bummed that I had to go back to work, every other night this week I’m free!

It is an incredibly gorgeous day out. It’s suppose to get up 66 degrees…that’s ALMOST 70! I decided to sleep in this morning and save my run for after work so I can enjoy the sunshine. After today we are suppose to be back into the 40 degree range for highs and there is even the possibility of snow! Bummer!

Have I mentioned that we are going away this weekend? I know we are going to have TONS of adventures and I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures!

Have a great day!


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