Fitness Newbie

Good evening blogworld! How did your Tuesday turn out? Mine was pretty laid back, I’m loving that the University is on spring break right now, makes work a little quieter.

I taught a ROCK’N Zumba class tonight. I’m kind of glad that I’m on every week now. It challenges me to come up with new dances and helps me remember the old ones. I’m not sure  how I’ll feel, or how my body will feel doubling it up with triathlon training. I guess we’ll see next week. I have my training plan already to go I just can’t figure out how to post a Google doc on my blog. If anyone knows please email we at

There were a few newbies in my class tonight. I always ask if there is anyone knew to Zumba and then I explain a few things to them. They really looked like they were having a good time. Lots of smile and giggles when I asked them “shake it!” About a week ago my friend Holly messaged me on facebook and told me she was thinking of trying yoga or Zumba classes but was a little nervous about it. She was worried about trying something new. I gave her a little advice that I think is relevent to everyone

1. Introduce yourself to the instructor. Tell him or her that you are new to the class. Hopefully, like me, they’ll ask if there is anyone new but just to make sure you should let them know. When I know there are newbies in my class I will take special care to modify things for all fitness levels and to perhaps explain things in a little more detail

2. Position yourself where you feel comfortable. If you rather be in the back so you can watch other people rather than they watching you go for it! If you want to be in the front so you can see the instructor do that, trust me, no one is watching you. They are watching the instructor or themselves in the mirror.

3. Do NOT worry about being the only new person. One thing I like about the YMCA especially our Y is that there are all levels of fitness in our classes. Tonight for example there were a few older women (including my mom :)) and they didn’t jump around as much and changed things to fit their needs that is totally okay. When I started taking fitness classes I was really inspired by an instructor who wasn’t “perfect” in fact she had some meat on her bones and I LOVED that. I figured that if she could do it so could I. That’s why I feel good about not being a “skinny” or “perfect” and a fitness instructor. I hope it makes people feel comfortable. If your instructor does look intimidatingly fit don’t worry about it! Remember everybody starts some where. I was SUPER nervous the first months of teaching and I’m sure your instructor was too.

4. Go back to the class at least 5 times before deciding if you like it. Try different instructors. We’re all different. Don’t just give up after your first class

5. HAVE FUN!It doesn’t matter if you do everything perfectly. I know as an instructor I mess up all the time. Cut yourself some slack. Just make sure you are doing all the exercises safely.

That’s it! I hope you found something useful in my writing. Trust me I’ve been there I know how it feels and now I’m a fitness FANATIC!

I’d love to hear your thoughts:

Have you ever been scared to try a new fitness class but then ended up loving it?

What stops you from trying a new fitness class?

What advice would give to fitness newbies?

Well, I’m off to enjoy a cup of tea and some Biggest Loser and Lost! See ya tomorrow for some corn beef and cabbage!


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