I guess I don’t know how to count

Morning everyone! Once again I am awake earlier than necessary on a Saturday morning. I just can’t sleep in any more!

Well, I guess I broke my streak of posting every day. I was doing pretty good. I didn’t take any pictures yesterday either.

I was so sore from my work out on Thursday but I decided to hit up an indoor cycling class and wear my Garmin to see what it could do indoors. Apparently it’s a pretty useless item inside. I could still get my heart rate but it’s so small on the screen I had to slow down and squint at the screen. For some reason I thought it based your calories burned on heart rate but I guess it’s based on miles and speed so I didn’t even get a calorie readout. I think I could buy a foot pad for running indoors but I’m pretty sure I’ll be using it outside only. The class was great. I was dripping with sweat by the end and it was kind of fun to see my heart rate change. Cycling is such a good interval workout.

So apparently I can’t count. The husband was telling me about some event we have in May and I looked in my Palm to see how that affected my triathlon training and realized that I DON’T have to start training next week it’s the following week. Here I was getting all psyched up to start on Monday! Oh well, that gives the weather a little more time to warm up I guess. I’m just so excited to make it official! It’s not like I haven’t been swimming, biking, and running I just kind of do it when I feel like it. It’s almost certain that I will be doubling up workouts as I took over the Tuesday night Zumba class. I’m not sure how my body is going to feel about that.

Last night my aunt, two of my cousins, and my cousin’s to little guys came to town to see my brother’s play. We went to the Olive Garden for dinner since it was close to their hotel. I like the Olive Garden but didn’t feel the need to take photos as it’s chain. I like to suggest unique and local restaurants on my blog. At least they had some healthy food to chose from. I had carefully planned what I would eat and stuck to it. But then we went back to the hotel and my cousin, the hubby, and I split a 6 pack of Budlight Lime (2 beers for me). When I got home I was snacky due to the beer so I ate some graham crackers and milk. I definitely went over my SparkPeople calorie goal for the day. Actually I went over on Thursday too when I was super starved from my workout. I’m trying to be okay with this. It helps me to recognize where I need to reign it in. I also realized it’s no one’s fault but my own. I knew how much I should have eaten but didn’t stick with it for whatever reason. It’s these kind of behaviors that get my in trouble.

Oh well, today is a new day. I’m planning on going for a run shortly. Can’t wait to try the Garmin again. Not much else planned for the day except to hang out at my parents house with my relatives and later do the taxes (how fun..not!). I’ll try and take some pics at my parent’s house, it’s so pretty!


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