Insanely, intense workout, delightfully decadent breakfast!

Howdy! It’s almost Friday! Yay! I hope life is treating you well this fine day. It’s been raining off and on all day but hey it’s okay! It’s helping to get rid of this snow. Could be worse, could be a few degrees colder and be snowing all day! Yikes!

I had a crazy intense workout this morning and a decadent breakfast to help fill me up. But up first my  run with the Garmin!

It was still pretty yucky out when I got done with work. I knew I would only have a short time to run so planned on a 3 miler. Here I am all ready to face the drizzle.


You can’t see it but I’m checking out the Garmin. And yes I am wearing a bandana. I didn’t want my hair to get too messed up as I had to be back at work by 6:30pm. So off I went! Honestly it was an AWESOME run! I haven’t run in over a week and a half. The last run I had was a glorious 7miler which I can’t believe I didn’t write about! My run yesterday was the first run where I didn’t have to deal with ice or HUGE puddles at every corner. It felt great just to let loose. After I had been running for awhile I thought, “Hey, I think I’ll take a different route then I planned, it will probably be more than 3 miles but oh well.” My route looped me through a quiet residential neighborhood and then up a big hill which according to the Garmin was almost 3/4 of a mile! My actual run with warm up and cool down ended up being a little over 5 miles. See!


It was really fun to see my pace change as well as see what my heart rate was. I’ve never been real big on heart rate but I think I will be now. My only complaint was that the watch itself kept slipping on my wrist and hurting my wrist bone. I’m not sure if I can make it tighter or what. I only used the very basic functions on the Garmin and will try out some of the training features. Over all I give it a thumbs up! (I would have give it 2 thumbs up but my other thumb was holding the camera!)

100_4899  Now on to this morning’s madness. So I decided I needed to do a little pretraining, before I start my official triathlon training. The program I am following calls for at least 2 strength training sessions a week and pairs them with thr swim workout. Last week I tried out the strength training session to see what that was like. Today I decided to do the two together to see how long they both took, how the transition from weight room to pool would go, and to see how my body would feel. The strength training session went much better this time. I upped my weight by about 5 lbs for each exercise and even managed to break a sweat. I shaved about 5 minutes off of the previous time, probably because the exercises were more familiar to me. I was able to get my stuff together, go into the locker room, change, and be in pool within 10 minutes. It would have been shorter but I had to wait for a lane to open up (so annoying!). I swam the front crawl for 30 minutes straight. I figured I was already warmed up from the weights and I’ll be swimming the front crawl during the tri any way. I did 1500 meters in those 30 minutes. My arms were a little tired but over all I felt really strong and good! Afterwards however, while I was blow drying my hair I thought my arms were going to fall off! YOWZERS! When I got home I was SO HUNGRY! I decided to whip up a bowl of egg white oat meal. I figured out a good use for that yummy yet slightly high in calorie chocolate “pudding” oatmeal topping! I’ve also been dipping orange slices in it for my evening snack. Here’s my oats for the morning



  • 1/2 C Old Fashion Oats
  • 1/2 C Rice Milk
  • 1/2 C Water
  • 2 egg whites whipped in at the end


  • Mock chocolate pudding
  • Banana
  • Shredded coconut
  • Chopped pecans
  • Ground flaxseed

It was DELICIOUS! And very filling. I also had a cup of coffee (I usually drink tea, just felt the need for coffee) with two generous dollops of cool whip on top. It was a nice treat!

Doing the weight/swim combo was okay. I felt good and everything but it took about an hour and forty minutes which means I definitely have to get up early. I also had to pack a lot of stuff to bring with me. Usually when I swim I just wear my suit under the clothes I’m wearing for the day. When I lift weights I just bring along my tennis shoes (because it’s sloppy out we’re asked not to wear out outside shoes in the fitness studio or wellness center). So I had to pack my suit, goggles, hat, and shower shoes. Not to mention my clothes for the day. All my shower stuff including my hair dryer. Plus carry along an extra pair of shoes. Kind of annoying. Maybe once the weather dries out I can eliminate the shoes!

I was feeling really great and energetic this morning but just now a huge wave of tiredness hit me! I feel like I could go back to bed! Must have been the workouts catching up with me! Too bad I work late tonight! Oh well!

Hope you’re having a healthy day!

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