Hey friends! Hope you’re having a good Wednesday! Minr is going pretty well if I do say so my self, and I do! The weather is pretty gloomy here. Overcast and rainy but I think the showers are going to hold off so that I can take my new toy out for a try!


Yes in deed! My birthday gift came a little early. I read through the manual last night and wow! That little thing sure does a lot! I’m just going to take it out for a basic run this afternoon but you can pace yourself, race yourself, race a computer generated competitor, do intervals, and of course it tracks all your miles, calories, heart rate, and route. I’ll be sure to report back on my experience.

Last night’s Zumba class rocked! I did the same routine I did on Saturday. There were  some people new to Zumba in the class and they seemed to catch on pretty quick so I felt like I did a good job.

When I got home I whipped up some Guacamole with a Twist!


100_4891   The key to lightening up this guac is using one avocado and one can of white beans. It gives it the body and texture of guac but without the added fat (although avocados have “good fat”) plus a little protein. I mix together the beans and the avocado first. Then add 1/2 a red onion (soaked in 3 TBSP of lime juice for 15min), 1 Roma tomato, a handful of cilantro, one garlic clove, salt, cumin, and hot sauce and pulse until blended! It was YUMMY but the red onion taste stuck with my for a LOOOONG time, even after multiple brushings, flossing, and mouth washings!

Look what else I picked up at the Y




My Indoor Ironman Challenge T-Shirt. Pretty cool huh? Like I always say, it’s all about the T-Shirt!

As I mentioned before my lower back has been really bothering me lately. I was getting kind of concerned because I start my official triathlon training next week. It didn’t hurt while I was doing Zumba last night but a little bit while we were stretching. Last night while I was sleeping my whole lower back hurt. I went to yoga this afternoon hoping it would help and do you know what? It did! I realized that I normally go to yoga 2 times a week and didn’t go at all last week, which is probably why my back was hurting. I know that I LOVE yoga but I didn’t realize what a benefit it was to my body until I missed a few sessions. I felt so beautiful and strong doing the poses today.

Well, I guess that’s all from me for now. I’ll be back tomorrow with a post about my first run with the Garmin. I’m also going to try a practice strength training session/swim combo in the morning and I’ll let you know how that goes!

If you missed it here’s my guest post on Then Heather Said!

Have a good day!

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