What I should have made

Hello! I’m writing on a Sunday evening. Not sure if this will get posted tonight but just felt like I should start it! I was super excited today when after church one of my readers (hi Nora!) told me she and her boyfriend went to The Hungry Peddler because I mentioned it on my blog! Too cool! I love it when people tell me that they read my blog. If you’re not too shy post a comment to say hi!

After church I came home and realized this is what I should have made yesterday instead of my EPIC FAIL


This is Pumpkin Quinoa from Angel at Oh She Glows. topped with shredded coconut and with a side of asparagus. I just happened to have a bunch of leftover quinoa in the fridge and an open can of pumpkin. This is so easy, fast and surprisingly delicious. The asparagus was a treat too!

I spent the rest of the day cleaning the house and paying the bills (how fun!). Now I’m done with those nasty chores and I can chill out on my first true day in a looooooong time. There is so many things I WANT to do on my day off but so many things I HAVE to do, like write a paper!

The crock-pot ziti turned out ok. A little burned on the edges and the pasta was a little over cooked (sorry I didn’t get a final picture). My students didn’t see to mind. I also made this lovely salad


Here’s my table all set and ready to go


The hubby was gone all day catching GIANT perch! This one’s going on the wall!


Now I’m just watching the Oscars waiting for him to get off the phone with his buddy from Alaska. I might have a little time for another kitchen experiment tomorrow! I’ll be sure to take a pic! Night!


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