So excited to post I’m up at 6am!

Hi guys! Well, once again it’s a nice peaceful Saturday, I have no where to be until 10:30am yet here I am at 6:15am writing on my blog! Crazy! Brian had to work this morning so he was up at 5am. Of course I woke up, had to use the bathroom, tried to go back to bed but couldn’t fall asleep! I few things  keeping me up were

1. I was so HUNGRY! My tummy was actually growling at me. I’ll take this as a good sign that even though we went out to eat last night I didn’t over do it!

2. I couldn’t stop thinking about all the cool pictures I took last night and wanted to post about. I’m still trying to figure out the manual settings on my camera so forgive the less than perfect pictures. I sure had fun playing around.

3. I couldn’t stop thinking about all the stuff I COULD be doing if I was up.

So here I am ready to go!

Last night was total blast We met up with my parents at about 5pm at one of our favorite local restaurants The Hungry Peddler. This restaurant has been in our hometown FORVER. We usually go there for breakfast when friends are in town because they have the fastest, cheapest, and best breakfast around. It was fun to go to dinner though. I started the night out with a glass of their own Peddler’s Brau


Since it was Friday most folks were there for  the All You Can Eat Fish Fry. I’m not big into AYCE or fish that isn’t cooked by my hubby so I got the veggie melt on rye



It was pretty tasty! I could only finish half though. I also had an unpictured bowl of their famous French onion soup. It was delicious but not very pretty to look at.

Then we headed over to the Muse Theater The Muse was the brain child of a local legend Vicki Elwood who grew up in the Midwest but moved to the Big Apple to pursue acting. She did several off Broadway shows including a one woman show she wrote herself. She recently returned to the area to fulfill her dream of starting her own theater. We are so lucky to have such artistic talent in our little town. She and her husband purchased and renovated and old church into what is now the Muse. Let me tell you! It is beautiful!

This is a decorative table in the entry way.


Here is the stage (it’s a very small and intimate theater).


The ceiling. I thought it was pretty cool!


The hallway leading to the bathrooms and the cool
lounge area

100_4828 100_4834

Some shots from inside the bathroom

100_4830 100_4833

My brother did an AWESOME job! We both have been singing and performing for many years (I’m trying to find some pics from the shows I did). This by far was his best role. I am so proud of him!


My brother wasn’t the only awesome actor in the play. The whole cast was outstanding. If anyone live in our area (or even if you don’t) and would like to see an fantastic show in a unique theater you should definitely check out The Spitfire Grill at The Muse Theater (and no they’re not paying me to say that!)

Well that’s all for now. I’m going to eat some breakfast and get ready for Zumba! Since I’m posting so early in the morning maybe you’ll even get a second evening post! Have a great Saturday!

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