Hello! Happy Friday to you! I don’t know about you but I am having a GREAT day! I had a minor little moment of panic when an AWESOME speaker I had lined up to speak to my youth next week said she might have to cancel. But she just called me back and everything is a go! Now I don’t have to worry about a thing until after the weekend!

Guess who ordered her birthday present yesterday???? Me! Even thought my birthday is a little more than a month away my hubby said I could order this


early to help me with my training! I’ve been lusting after the Garmin Forerunner 305 for some time now. Recently I noticed that it came WAY down in price on a lot of websites. I discovered this is of course because there’s a NEWER and FANCIER Forerunner that can be used in the water and has wireless capabilities with your computer. Sure that extra stuff would be nice BUT I’ll be happy with the 305. It tracks your distance, heart rate, and so much more. It also works for both running and biking so I am all set. According the email I received it has already shipped and should be here next week. I am super excited and will give you a full review once I try it out!

I’m really looking forward to this weekend we actually have lots of fun things planned. Tonight we’re going to the musical The Spit Fire Grill at The Muse Theater. The Muse is a relatively new theater in town. I wouldn’t exactly call it a community theater because it’s a little more exclusive then that and I believe the actors get paid. It’s located in a renovated church and is suppose to be really beautiful. I hope I don’t look like too big of nerd taking pictures of things. My younger brother is actually in the play. Before the show we’re going out to dinner with my folks at The Hungry Peddler. I’d give you a link but they don’t have a website! Tomorrow I teach Zumba at the YMCA, I plan on either working on homework or cleaning in the afternoon. I have to work for a bit in the evening and then we are off to another Musical Into the Woods at the local University Theater. The hubby is especially excited about this play, he’s seen it before and says he really likes it. I was actually in this play when I was in high school. Sunday I have to work in the morning and then later I’m having a few students over for a “thank you” dinner. They were my helpers on the last Confirmation retreat so I’m making them dinner. I’ll try and take pictures of that too! I’m still kind of shy and inexperienced with taking pictures for the blog but I’m getting better. I have a pretty nice camera but not an SLR. I’m trying to work with my camera’s settings to see if I can take more professional pictures.

I hope you all have and excellent weekend and I’ll see you soon!

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