A Day In the Life

Hello! Happy first day of March to you! I am SO glad February is over! It appears that March is coming in like a lamb, sunny and above 30!

Sorry for disappearing over the weekend. I had my grad class Friday night and ALL day Saturday and then some craziness went down, which I’ll be sure to write about later. But now I’m back and boy do I have a treat for you! I took a TON of pictures on Saturday of my day and I’m going to share them with YOU! So sit back and enjoy!

I got up at a ridiculous early time on Saturday which kind of sucked since I went to bed late but the husband had to work at 6am so I kind of woke up with him (if you can’t see the clock it says something like 5:30am!)


But look who was awake to greet me!

100_4723 That’s Izzy my 3 year old, 85lbs lab. She thought it was early too!


Because I was awake so early I had time to do a little yoga!

100_4730 I did two 20 minute podcasts from YogaDownload They were excellent!

Then I had a little breakfast!

100_4733 A Green Monster, some spelt bread toasted with almond butter and green tea.

On my way to class I stopped at a local coffee shop drive through and got a little treat! A Orange, vanilla, black tea latte! Delicious

100_4737 100_4738

Our class decided to all pitch in and bring food for a picnic lunch! Look at our spread!


Here’s my plate!


I had a big  bowl of fruit, a wrap with lettuce, tomatos, sprouts, Munster cheese, and little bit of Texas caviar on top and some carrots and celery. Oh yes, and that is wine with my lunch! This was one of my classmates last classes so he brought wine! I also had an unpictured brownie, it was INSANE!

For part of the afternoon we visited the Mary of the Angel’s Chapel at St. Rose Convent which is a historical landmark for our city and for the University I’m attending. I’m sure the pictures don’t do it justice. It’s beautiful!

100_4756 100_4755

At the end of class we took a group picture! Can you find me!


After class myself and a few classmates headed over to a local Irish pub and had a few drinks. I had two glasses of Smithwick’s beer


I didn’t really feel comfortable taking pictures of my beer with the company I was keeping so this is the best you get!

The rest of my evening was pretty lame, hence no more pictures. I ate some leftover bean enchiladas and crashed out about 9:30pm! I was so tired!

I hope you enjoyed my Saturday. I’ll post later about a little adventure we had and some news!


3 responses to “A Day In the Life

  1. Loved your day-in-the-life photo spread. I could totally hear you say “De-licious” about your latte. 🙂

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