An insult?

*Please note I started this post on Wednesday but then got tied up with other things so I finished it and posted it on Thursday!**

Hi folks! How’s your Wednesday treating you? Is the week over yet?

Well, I thought I was finally getting out of my funk. I taught Zumba yesterday and it was fabulous! Then this morning I got up and rocked out 6 miles on the treadmill before 7am! I was feeling pretty good until about noon when I got a major headache! I think it’s finally going away but it was pretty painful for about 4 hours! I have to work about 12 hours today…only 4 more to go!

On another strange note I think I was called “short and chubby today.” We are in the midst of a Busy Student Retreat here at work. I am in charge of the evening prayer services (hence the crazy busy work schedule). One of the nuns who is helping asked my boss who the girl was that led the prayer service on Monday night. His response, “I don’t know, I wasn’t there. Was she short and chubby?” The nun said “NO!” (The nun told me this earlier today). So, yeah. Needless to say I’m a bit confused as to if my boss was actually referring to me and if he was I’m most definitely insulted. Now grant it I would definitely not call myself “thin” or “skinny” but chubby? And I am not short. I’m pretty average about 5’6”. Any way it was an interesting conversation to say the least. Truth be told I have not been feeling my “fittest” lately. (I didn’t want to say “fat”) I haven’t gained any weight since quitting Weight Watchers. I guess I was hoping that by listening to my body and eating mostly healthy most of the time that I would lose some weight, but I haven’t. I actually tried entering my calorie intake and activity output into FitDay. I just wanted to see what a program said about how many calories I burn a day. It was kind of hard to enter in what I ate especially since I don’t really know how some the food I ate was made, this is what use to drive me nuts about counting “points.” All the guesstimating and wondering if you were right. It seems to me just by what I entered yesterday that I’m good to go as far as maintaining weight but would need to cut back if I wanted to lose some. I’m not going to stress about it right now, that one little comment shouldn’t have bugged me so much, but it did!

I’m still trying to find the perfect training plan for my Intermediate Distance Triathlon It’s kind of hard with me teaching classes at the Y. It looks like I’ll have to double up on some days, not sure if I have the time. It’s also a bit challenging because most training plans call for a lot of bike riding BUT we still have TON of snow around here. I CANNOT wait to get outside and ride. I’ll keep you posted.

I’m almost done with the Indoor Ironman Challenge too! I’ve actually run 6 miles over the required amount and swam 36 more laps than the required amount. I signed up for a cycling class tomorrow and that should complete the 112miles I needed to the bike! It was such a fun challenge and really got me excited about doing the Triathlon in June.

Well, I guess that’s all for now! Only one more day left of the retreat, then a FULL weekend of grad school. I’m hoping next week will be quieter!


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