Off day(s).

Well hello there! Not much new to report here. I know that I’ve been “complaining” about how busy the month of February has been with work and school but this week TAKES THE CAKE! I have to work every night Monday-Thursday, days Tuesday-Friday and I have class Friday night and all day Saturday. I just keep telling myself that I can get through this and when the week is done the month will also be done, moving on to March and hopefully  better weather!

On Sunday I got up earlier than necessary and decided to rock out another 6mile run before 9am. It was about 12-14 degrees out but no wind so I did it and it felt so good! I’m actually dreading my next treadmill run since my last three runs have been outside. I then went to work, did a bit of shopping and hit up my favorite Sunday yoga class.

Yesterday I woke up feeling like I just wanted to stay in bed under the covers all day but I couldn’t. I was truly having an “off day” I knew I had some necessary housework to do plus I had a teach at the Y and later go into my full time job even though it was my day off. I’m still feeling a bit off today, and it’s going to be another long one. I’m not sure if it’s the winter blues getting to me, the stress of work and school (plus my doggie has been sick), or what. I guess everyone has an off day here an there. I hope to snap out of it soon!

Sorry for the less than exciting post! Hope you are all having a good day/week!

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