A Lot to Review!

Hello friends! How’s your Saturday treating you? Good I hope! My dining room table has been taken over by books and my laptop. I’ve been working on grad school paper for 3 hours! But now to the good stuff!

Last night the hubby and I went out to a belated Valentine’s Day dinner. We were going to go to our favorite place DiSciascio’s but they are closed for a few weeks for whatever reason. I had read about Kate’s on State in a local magazine and really wanted to try it, plus it’s within walking distance of our house. Let me tell you! This was truly a hidden treasure. It was absolutely amazing! It is very small and quaint. Excellent service. The server let me try three samples of wine before I decided on a glass. The hubby said their Captain and Coke was excellent too! We started out with an appetizer of shrimp scampi. Seemingly simple but it had a really unique sauce on it. Then we had the most AMAZING salads. They had so many different ingredients on them. Soy nuts, pepperoni, cannelli beans, and so much more. Plus their dressings were really unique. I had the pomegranate grape fruit. We had some delicious bread with two types of butter and olive oil for dipping. For the main meal I had the Mediterranean Stuffed Portobella Mushroom. Get this! It was stuffed with, shrimp, spinach, pine nuts, artichoke hearts, red peppers, almonds, and feta cheese and served over linguine. Unbelievable! I could only finish half and I’m looking forward to the other half for dinner tonight! We did take home a piece of their pumpkin pecan bread pudding which was also delicious! This place was a little pricey and will only be reserved for special occasions but we’ll definitely be back!

After all that eating I needed to burn some calories this morning. Because I’m trying to get all my miles in for the Indoor Ironman Challenge I tried something new today. I signed up for the Saturday morning open ride which is from 6:30am-8:30am and you can just drop in or leave whenever you want. I’ve never tried this before because 1. I thought only hardcore cyclist went to it 2. It sounded kind of boring, I mean it wasn’t like there was a class for 2 hours just riding. I decided to only go for an hour and then stay for the actual 45 minute class from 8:45-9:30. I actually had a lot of fun! I got there at the perfect time because they were just starting a new “video” Our cycling room has a projector and screen so we watched a training video which was really the back of some guy riding through the mountains of Arizona. He told you how fast to pedal and how hard the hill was etc. The video only lasted about 35 minutes so I jammed out to some tunes afterwards. The hour actually went pretty fast. There were some hard core cyclist there but I know them all from teaching my regular classes. The 45 minute class afterwards was good too. So in total I rode 1 hour and 45 minutes for a total of 28miles!

In the three weeks of the challenge I’ve swam 2.4 miles, ran 26.2 miles, and biked 100 miles! I only have 12 miles to go on the bike but won’t be able to hit a class until Friday.

Today I also found out that the 7K race I wanted to do in the Twin Cities was closed 😦 I was waiting to see if I had to work and I guess I waited too long! That got me nervous about signing up for the Tri in June since it closes out too so…..I did it! I signed up for the Got Energy? Triathlon INTERMEDIATE DISTANCE! I’m really excited and a little freaked out. I’m not sure how to train for this but I really want to do it! Doing this Ironman Challenge so efficiently has really giving me the confidence to do it. I’ll be sure to keep you posted!

Well, my doggie is begging for a walk and I think it finally stopped snowing! Have a great day!


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