Who is this girl?!

Hello! Happy Tuesday to you!
I just got back from another outdoor run! In past winters I never even ran period let alone outside until at least mid March…who is this girl I’ve become?!

I had originally planned to get up early and run on the revolving apparatus of death (aka the treadmill). I realized that if I did work out today and did all my other planned workouts for the week I would work out 7 days in a row! I’m not sure if that’s a good thing. I figured if I could skip a workout and make it up later it would be today’s so I slept in. I’m so glad I did! All day I stared out my window at the beautiful sunshine and watched the temperature rise to 30 degrees. I knew the wind was chilly but plotted our a route where my back would be to the wind most of the time and where most of the sidewalks would probably be clear. It was a great run except for one thing. My ankle was bothering me when I walked home from work. About 8 years ago I sprained this same ankle in a step class every now and then it acts up. I really wanted to run so I ignored it. This is a terrible mistake. You should never exercise if you are injured or feel and injury coming on. After my run it REALLY hurt. I remembered that this morning I hit my ankle on the bed post while making the bed. Sure enough my ankle had a nice bruise on it. I have a “walking cast” (something I got when I sprained it) on and it feels better. I’m sure I’ll be okay (I hope) but I certainly learned my lesson! I ran about 4 miles completing my 26.2 miles for the Indoor Ironman Challenge!

I’m making an experiment for dinner. We had left over taco meat and I heated it on the stove with a little salsa and cheese for a few minutes. Then I stuffed it into some soft taco shells, dumped some enchilada sauce on it, sprinkled some cheese over them and threw it in the oven. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

I hope you’re enjoying Fat Tuesday. I’m throwing a Mardi Gras party for some of the students I work with tonight. I made 2 gallons of puppy chow! I may or may not have taste tested some of it! hopefully tomorrow I can get a post up about lent! See you latter!


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