Sunshine and Valentines!

Hello friends!

I hope you are having a wonderful Valentine’s day and super weekend. I just finished eating a very fancy home cooked meal with my hubby. He made a yummy shrimp dish with pasta. He also cooked asparagus and garlic bread. What a guy! This weekend has been busy but good!

I had class Friday night and all day Saturday. As I’ve mentioned before these classes, although intense are so refreshing! I feel like I get to go on a weekend retreat, with homework and the potential to receive a master’s degree of course. I found it very funny that at our last class which was at the end of January, when most people are still thinking about their New Year’s resolution, people (including myself) brought a lot of veggies, fruit, and baked chips to share. This weekend there was more of a Valentine’s day theme. LOT’S of chocolate! The best of course were the chocolate dipped strawberries! I may or may not have eaten 4 of them! So good!

Today I went to church/work (have I mentioned that I work full-time at a church?) for about 4 hours. I had planned to do a run on the treadmill at the YMCA and then hit my favorite yoga class at 4pm. The whole time I was at work I was thinking about running. I just really wanted to run! I got home and made myself a tasty lunch of left-over veggie soup and an apple. The “Valentine’s Fairy” also brough everyone I work with a chocolate bar and a balloon so I sampled some of that chocolate as well. While I was eating lunch and watching last week’s Grey’s Anatomy I looked outside at the bright, beautiful sunshine. I kept thinking maybe I should run outside. I really don’t like the treadmill but running outside in the winter can be dangerous! I finally couldn’t bear the thought of running on the dreadmill and got my outside running clothes on and hit the pavement.

Honestly the first half of my run I got too HOT! The sun was beating down on me and the wind was at my back. However, when I turned to head home I was headed straight into the wind which was FREEZING! I zipped my vest back up, pulled my hat a little lower, and powered through. Despite the cold wind it was an AWESOME run! It was so great to be out in the sunshine! I ran my favorite 5.75mile route which I haven’t run in ages

I did another Podrunner Interval Session it looked like this

5 minutes warm up

6 (8 minute run/1 minute walk) intervals

3 minute cool down

So much easier when done outside! Then I went to my favorite yoga class at the YMCA, it was perfect after that long run! Not sure what’s on tap for the rest of evening, probably relaxing in front of the TV. Hope you have a great week!


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