Weight Loss Roller Coaster Part 3

Finally! I’m here for another post! Work/life has been so busy! February is just a crazy month, I’m definitely looking forward to March!

Back to my weight loss roller coaster story. Here are Part 1 and Part 2 if you need to catch up.

So I was really into Triathlons and had lost some weight. About this time I turned 21, started hitting the bars about once a week, and met my husband to be. I don’t know if this happens to everyone but my new relationship caused me to gain a few pounds. We ate out a lot and of course partied with our friends. Who cares about weight when you find someone who loves you just for who you are right? I was also in my final semesters of college. I quit going to Weight Watchers because I was “too busy.” Of course the weight crept back on. I graduated from college and got my first job working in a parish. As most Americans do I made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight and joined Weight Watchers….again! Have you been able to keep count? That is number 3. I really do believe WW is a good program and I really believed I couldn’t be healthy without being a member. This time was a little different. My boyfriend (hubby to be) was very supportive. We started cooking at home more. Also, one of the girls I worked with joined with me. It was good to have support and also a little competition. We would go to WW meetings each week on our lunch break and go out for a healthy lunch. We literally shrunk before our parish’s eyes.

I left the parish position after a year to teach full time and the girl I worked with got pregnant so of course quit WW. I continued to lose weight and got down to my ultimate lowest 143lbs. Let me tell you! I was hot! I felt so confident in myself, I bought tons of cute clothes and looked great in all of them. Sometimes though I wondered how did I get that thin? I’m not sure if it was because I was on my feet all day teaching (I now have a desk job) or what. In fact I think I exercise more now than I did then. Anyway, I was thin and I LOVED it!

My position at the school I taught at got cut after only one year.  Then I did a very scary and hard thing. I moved away from the only town I had ever lived in, away from my family, friends, and boyfriend to teach at a school about 90minutes away. It was very hard for me to be away from everyone I loved. But, I did keep myself busy by working part time as a Weight Watcher leader. Leaders have to be at their goal weight and have gotten there through the program. That was me! I led two classes a week and subbed when I could. I really loved working for WW. I loved seeing other people be successful at getting healthy. It was still hard for me to keep my weight under control living alone but I had to stay at that weight for my job.

After one year living away my boyfriend proposed to me. I knew we would be engaged for 1 year, in which I would still live away and then get married and I would come “home.” I had no idea what would happen with my weight.

Buy for that you’ll just have to stay tuned for part 4!

Have a great week!

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